Mo Child Laws

If you’re still operating your way via your coursework, do not worry! One other important idea that lots of students do not observe is they cannot locate an acceptance letter from their dream school as long as they neglect to make an impact by employing their university admission documents. Various colleges may have various requirements, […]

The election campaign is in full swing. We saw the manifestoes of the four parties pledge big things. We also saw the presidential debate hinge on petty politics to promise making. Now, we are seeing the common forums where the candidates are trying their best to sell dreams, a lot of them actually. Which brings […]

Give subtlety a loud shout! – Vinita Dawra Nangia

In art and in real life, the power of subtlety cannot be underestimated.   The best type of writing is subtle, rather than too much in the face. Nuances work far more powerfully than hyperboles. A quiet frown is more effective than an angry protest, a pleased smile more memorable than spoken thanks. Actions do […]

A State of Charity – Jurmi Chhowing

I watched the presidential debate. This is my ricochet. The PDP promised The Blazing Sun. The DNT a Full New Moon. The BKP a Shooting Star. And the DPT a Familiar Twilight. But I’m not convinced about the Celestial Display or the Lightning Fireworks. Whichever party comes to power, I expect a couple of Eclipses […]

Soulful self-sufficiency

Bhutan Soul Farmers, an initiative by four youths aims to promote the self sufficiency philosophy in the country to harness the GNH-vision.   Fifteen minutes’ drive from core Paro town, Dotenggewog flourishes with verdant greenery and meadows spread along the ParoChhu that flows smoothly as silk when the skies are clear but tumbles and crashes […]

Potatoes at S/Jongkhar auction yard fetch better prices this year

Potato farmers from the eastern dzongkhags are getting better prices for their produce than last year at the auction yard in SamdrupJongkhar. Along with the prices, production has also increased this year. From May this year, farmers who auctioned their potatoes fetched double the prices they got last year. Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) […]

PDP’s ambitious and daring pledges

PDP says its manifesto is an expression of the collective dreams of the people for a better, stronger and more prosperous Bhutan   In 2013, People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) manifesto captured the imagination of the people. While some ridiculed it as bizarre, others called it excessively ambitious. For 2018 parliamentary elections, the PDP has released […]

Samtse voters decide to make choice after door-to-door campaign

Voters in Samtse are yet to decide which candidates they should elect in the upcoming elections. Given many stronger and capable candidates this time, they say they will make their choice once aspiring candidates are done with their door-to-door campaign. Voters say they will first scan the pledges and the capabilities of their candidates. “With […]

‘Tour of the Dragon’ today

The 9th edition of the popular ‘Tour of the Dragon’ will kick off today from Bumthang and finish at the Clock Tower in Thimphu. A total of 48 contestants are participating in the one-day race that includes 30 Bhutanese riders and 18 foreign cyclists. The race will start from Chamkhar town in Bumthang at 2 […]

Missing person found murdered

A 61-year old farmer from Tana village, DzomiGeog under PunakhaDzongkhag was pushed into the Punatshangchhuriver by his 26-years old nephew on the night of July 26. The case which was initially reported as that of a person gone missing turned out be a murder. Punakha police station received a call from a woman who is […]