Residents wait eagerly for road blacktopping works to begin in Trashigang

They say the roads are filled with potholes and the condition worsens during the monsoon season

Much to the relief of the residents, road blacktopping works are going to begin soon in Rangjung satellite town and Trashigang town under the Secondary Town Urban Development Project.

Blacktopping works had to be brought to a halt in Trashigang earlier as the monsoon season had not ended fully.

Meanwhile, many residents complain that road maintenance needs to be carried out at the earliest given the present condition of the roads.

They say the road condition has worsened and even the asphalts over the roads have disappeared.

“The roads look like they have never been blacktopped before. They are filled with potholes and the condition worsens during the monsoon season, a resident said.

One of the residents of Rangjung said after waiting for years, finally the town road is going to be blacktopped. 

“The last blacktopping was done 15 to 20 years before and there has been no maintenance until now,” he said.     

“We can rarely see the bitumen on the road and everything is covered with granular, caused by the rainwater. Moreover, potholes are seen everywhere,” he added. 

Another resident said, “The repairing of the roads needs to be done as early as possible because the vehicles travel on pebbles and stones. Due to the rainwater, the roads are full of pebbles and the cracks on roads are also visible.”

The Municipal official in Rangjung said road blacktopping works would be carried out soon.

“After the blacktopping of the roads, residents will not be allowed to keep their personal belongings along the footpath which they usually do,” the official said.

The Development Regulatory Officer of Trashigang, Sonam Chojur said the works have started in Trashigang town and that the drainage system and footpath maintenance works have been completed.

He said the blacktopping work will start soon within this month.

“The blacktopping of the road is at a halt due to the monsoon rain, but the work will be carried out soon,” he said.

He said after the completion of the blacktopping works in Trashigang, it will then begin in Rangjung, 17km away from Trashigang town. 

The project duration for the road blacktopping is 18 months, but Sonam Chojur said it might not take more than 15 months to complete the works.

A total of three kilometers of road will be blacktopped in Trashigang town and one and a half kilometers in Rangjung town.

The cost of the blacktopping works amounting to Nu 37mn is funded by the Asian Development Bank.  

Tenzin Lhamo from Trashigang