RBP determined to fight drug abuse

The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) is spanning different regions of the country and has plan to deepen the plans in fighting the drug related crimes. RBP seeks support drug operations and investigations led by Narcotics Drugs and Other Vices Division. They aim to disrupt the movement of specific products along routes affecting target regions or international illicit drug flows.

RBPS works in policing is to reduce crime series in most effective ways the police can tackle crime, based on the best available information from the intelligence.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) for the Narcotics Drugs and Other Vices Division, Colonel Dorjee Khandu, said that the division has now deployed spy on international borders and even along the Indian highways. The RBP has talked with Indian counterpart. This is to nab the drug traffickers and abusers across the borders. “We are going to develop zero- tolerance against drug crimes,” Colonel Dorjee Khandu said.

The SSP said that the RBP now has dedicated division in fighting against the drug related crime.

The Royal Bhutan Police has now augmented and specialized workforce, strategically dispersed across the nation’s southern region. The senior police official said that the RBP has established field division offices and dedicated narcotic law enforcement units, with additional man power. 

The focus is on the police contribution to crime reduction is to reduce demand for the substances and repeaters. Colonel Dorjee Khandu said if demand is reduced, supply of drugs can be brought down.

Without public harassment, police will conduct sudden highway checks and make a surprise visit in far flung areas. The police will also inspections in hotels and construction sites to ensure public safety and secure the nation from criminal elements. It is observed that mostly in far flung areas, abusers go to collect marihuana.

RBP official pointed out that most of the people do not report on crime fearing their identity will be revealed. The Narcotics Drugs and Other Vices Division, said that police hereafter will keep identity of crime reporter confidential and will be rewarded.

Public are asked to report suspicious matter to concern authorities even when new people visit their places. RBP seeks support from relevant stakeholders.

Not on what might cause crime to rise or fall more generally, or as a broader long-term approach such as cross-agency intervention with families at risk, or the wider criminal justice system, Colonel Dorjee Khandu, said, all should fight together against drugs related crimes. During the 115th national day address, His Majesty The King emphasized the importance of tackling the issue of drug abuse among the youth. “RBP’s effort in combating drug crimes is aligned with His Majesty’s unwavering vision,” the RBP official cited. 

The RBP official pointed out that drug related crimes are committed with different reasons; lacking parenting, dependency, social or economic and broken families while most of the drug trafficking are people looking for easy money, having loans.

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu