Prefeasibility study of 26MW Druk Bindu Hydropower Project complete

Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC)  completed the prefeasibility study of Druk Bindu Hydropower Project (DBHP), the first hydropower project in Samtse Dzongkhag, last year.

The run-of-the-river scheme project would utilize the Druk Bindu stream, which is just ahead of the Jaldhakha barrage on the Bhutan India international boundary.

According to DGPC’s Managing Director Dasho Chhewang Rinzin, the project is basically divided into two stages with the first stage having annual design energy of 76 million units (MU) and the second stage envisaged to generate 34MU annually.

The upper or the first stage of the project envisages using a net head of 219m with an installed capacity of 18MW. The second stage of the project that would use the tail water from the first stage would utilize the balance available head of 99 meters to generate 8 MW. The additional envisaged installed capacity is only due to the proposed second stage. The cost estimate for the first stage is approximately Nu 1,272mn, while the second stage is estimated to cost Nu 637mn.

Dasho Chhewang Rinzin said nothing has been decided so far on who will take over the construction of the project and the market for the electricity produced.

“Nothing can be said right now. It will be learnt when the decision is taken to implement the project,” he added.

Meanwhile, the establishment of DBHP in Tendu is expected to boost local economy, according to the local leaders.

The Member of Parliament from Bara-Tendu in Samtse, Ritu Raj Chhetri, said though being a small project, the scope for the community to develop is huge given its economic viability.

“The employment opportunity for the local community is assured as local have the power to bargain for employment as assured during the public consultation meeting. Also, people will have easy access to medical and educational facilities once the project is commissioned. Farmers will also have easy market for their farm products,” Ritu Raj Chhetri added.

Tendu Gup Nima Dukpa said the hydropower project will be the first project owned by the Bhutanese company, DGPC. The project will be completed by DGPC within two years.

“It will help the community in various ways,” he said.

Krishna Ghalley from Tendu