PDP more stronger this election – PDP president

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has become stronger and more capable this election.

This is what party president TsheringTobgay said to the congregation of voters in Samtse last week.

He said the party has come stronger this time, replacing almost 15 Members of Parliament.

TsheringTobgay said more capable candidates joining the party would serve the nation better.

“It’s not that they were incapable, but due to valid reasons, we have replaced the candidates for better service to the nation,” he added.

The president went on saying that 43 candidates, among the total 47, are the most capable and best candidates, who can serve the people well.

The party has put in 29 new candidates for the elections this year. In Samtse, PDP has replaced Tashichholing MP Ritu Raj Chhetri by Sangay Khandu, former National Council member. 18 candidates are re-contesting.

“With all these capable MPs we can serve you better,” TsheringTobgay said, adding that some candidates did not re-contest due to age, the others resigned and the rest were replaced by the party.

“With ‘stronger and capable’ candidates, PDP has come up with bigger pledges,” the president said.

Thanking the people for providing opportunities to form the government, TsheringTobgay said that more are on the pledges if given another opportunity.

“The party has filed in new candidates replacing the incumbent MPs. With the able candidates, PDP has also bigger pledges for the upcoming elections,” he added, highlighting the new pledges to the voters if they form the government next time.

Notable among the pledges are the salary raise for civil servants, focus on health sector with a doctor in every BHU and two health assistants as the country will have 50 doctors in a year.

“It’s possible because more than 200 doctors will be there within four years,” he said. “Also KhesarGyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan will start MBBS courses for the doctors. JDWNH in Thimphu will be turned into a super-specialty hospital. The works have already begun,” he added.

According to the president, a hospital for women and children and an eye and ENT hospital with assistance from the Thai government will come up. Start of the cancer treatment is also made available in the country, which will be followed by surgeries.

Blacktopping of farm roads, increment of Gewog Development Grant to Nu 5mn from Nu 2m and allocation for gewog project worth Nu 20mn are the other pledges of PDP. The party also pledged to explore tourism in Samtse after blacktopping Samse-Bara road.

TsheringTobgay also urged the voters to vote after scanning the pledges and seeing that they are doable.

“Don’t vote for flowery pledges which cannot be fulfilled,” he said.

Meanwhile, Samtse is considered as a PDP stronghold after all four constituencies were won by PDP in the 2013 elections.

Krishna Ghalley from Samtse