Parents’ negligence main cause of minors gone missing, say police

Parents’ negligence main cause of minors gone missing, say police

Thimphu police say parents’ negligence is one of the major reasons for missing of persons (MoP) especially minors.

In the month of March two missing cases of minors were reported to police however, the children were found and during the investigation it was found that parents had neglected to take care of their children.

On March10, a three-year-old boy went missing from Namselling towards evening when the family had gone to visit one of their relatives. While the parents were busy with their relatives, the boy was outside playing and had gone missing. The parents felt his absence only after a long time. Police were informed about his missing case. Immediately police personnel were deployed to look for the missing boy.

Officer in Command (OC) Major Gembo Penjor said had the police not found the boy on time then the boy would have died due to hypothermia.

“When we found the boy the next day and he was completely drenched in water with his legs inflicted with wounds due to thorns struck on his legs,” he said.

The boy was found about three kilometers away from his home in the forest in Depsi.

In another incident, 10 year old girl went missing from her house in Jungsina around 9:30 pm but was found the next day from one of her friend’s house above India house (Bebena).

On enquiry it was revealed that the girl had an argument with her grandmother and in a fit of anger she had left the house without informing anyone. Her parents had lodged the missing complaint the same night.

Major Gembo Penjor said in missing case of the minors the parents should immediately call police since it will give police more chance of locating the MoP and time will not be wasted.

After what had happened with Dena Koirala last year, police take the MoP case seriously especially concerning minors.

“What has happened before can happen with anyone else so parents have to be careful, extra cautious and measures and initiatives have to be taken to look after their children,” the OC mentioned.

He further mentioned that finding children is tough compared to adults.

OC said that children are sensitive and should be handled with care while adults missing cases are either elopement or due to problems with family.

Parents of both the missing cases were warned and were requested to be careful henceforth.

This year till date police recorded six cases of missing of person which includes two minors however, all the missing people were found.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu