Azha Pasa: an evolving mobile app that aims big

Azha Pasa: an evolving mobile app that aims big

Azha Pasa a service provider with garbage pickup and LPG delivery services was launched on August 7 last year. Later it was upgraded to a mobile app with other more features and services.

According to the founder of Azha Pasa, Kinley Wangchuk, Azha Pasa is a mobile app and his aim is to become a super app in the near future. He said that it will become a marketplace of services and offerings, delivery via in-house technology and through third party integrations and collaborations.

Additionally, Azha Pasa has a Facebook page to reach out to every citizen of Bhutan. “With the growing popularity of social media, every business needs to use media platforms to connect with their customers for branding and gathering new clients,” he said. “Azha Pasa’s Facebook page exists to reach out to people and carry out marketing and branding exercises”.

He mainly aims to solve social problems and create employment and business opportunity with the creative use of technology.

However, he said that apart from making lives easier in Thimphu, he has not been able to generate employment and income opportunities. But he aims to create jobs and income opportunities for youth, old, and the disabled gradually.

He aims to convert organic waste coming out of every home into compost and organic fertilizer and contribute to Bhutan’s mission of 100% organic farming and to make Bhutan a hygienic country.

Currently, Azha Pasa offers garbage pickup services, LPG delivery, pick-up truck service and carpenter service. He said that with collaboration with other individuals, he would provide services like rimdro and ritual services, housekeeping services, and baby sitter services. The App will allow users to list their skills so that people can easily find the skills they need to hire. “We have many skills already listed from all across the country,” he said.

“Lucky draw feature on Azha Pasa is probably the first advertising platform in the world where the revenue from advertisers benefits the people and not the platform itself,” said Kinley Wangchuk adding that Azha Pasa gives the revenue, both in terms of cash and kind, as prizes through a lucky draw. In order to win these prizes, one has to collect raffle tickets through advertisement posted on the platform and answer questions related to the ads. “Only correct answers get a raffle ticket.”

“Since Azha Pasa is still in the startup stage, there is tweaking of the app and the features and the services are upgraded based on experience and feedback of users,” he said.

Kinley Wangchuk said that he created the app to solve his personal frustration of dropping home waste to a proper disposal site. The idea was to reward someone who picked up the garbage and disposed it off for him. “It was meant to be a social service rather than a business idea,” he said.

However, without reward for disposing the waste, he thought that people might not dispose it properly therefore with the initiative of a few individuals, he started collecting the waste but came in short of funds. “There was need of more investment. So to generate more revenue, I had to update the mobile app services with additional features.”

“Currently, people do not see the app as useful and convenient as I do but in future they would use the app,” he said.

Tenzin Lhamo from Thimphu