NNC learning has made students more alert and stressed in T/gang

Schools see a decrease in the performance of students

Given the demand for a better and more responsive education system, the New Normal Curriculum (NNC) was started from the academic year 2021 in schools. It helped the students explore more beyond the classroom and it is based on competency-based assessment.

Last year, students were accessed based on formative learning as there was no examination due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic caused serious disruption in the education sector and schools were closed for a long time.

However, with the implementation of the NNC, students were made to get the pass results from both the summative and formative learning and they were assessed based on that.

And as Business Bhutan interviewed some schools, it was found that with the reform this year, most of the schools are seeing a drop in the percentage of students during the mid-term results as they have to get pass results from both the summative and formative learning. 

Further, the learning has become difficult for the students because if one fails in the formative assessment, he/she will be considered a failure unlike before.

Previously, if a student could not perform well in the written exam, it was covered with internal assessment and vice-versa, but the case is different from this year.

The Principal of Rangjung Central School, Sonam Tobgay said the reform is good as the students have to get pass results in both internal and external assessment and they have to work hard for both.

“Now students have got the pinch as they have to give extra work in both the assessments,” he said.

He said the mid-term result is not so good and there is a decrease in the performance and there is a drop in the overall pass percentage of the school since after the reform with NNC. However, he said the mid-term results alone cannot judge the performance and they will know better with the final annual results.

“But the students are struggling to get pass results, both internally and externally, as it is new to them,” he said, adding that some of the students perform well in internal assessment, while some perform extremely well in the external assessment.

The school has classes from VII to XII, of which classes XI and IX had performed poorly compared to other classes, according to the principal.

One of the teachers from a lower school said due to the lockdown, the performances of the students have decreased drastically and they are not able to get back to normal.

“Though the NNC reform is better for students, our children have to do their homework and other work on time as they have to get pass results both in formative and summative assessment,” one of the parents said.

Tenzin Lhamo from Trashigang