Missing person found murdered

A 61-year old farmer from Tana village, DzomiGeog under PunakhaDzongkhag was pushed into the Punatshangchhuriver by his 26-years old nephew on the night of July 26.

The case which was initially reported as that of a person gone missing turned out be a murder.

Punakha police station received a call from a woman who is a neighbor of the victim, lodging the complaint of a missing person in her village on the evening of July 26.

The complainant stated that the missing person Dorji, 61, farmer, was last seen in his house with his nephew Kaka Tshering.

It was learnt that the wife of Dorji had gone to complainant’s house the next day to tell that her husband had not returned since the previous night after he had gone out with his nephew.

Suspecting foul play, police drove to Mandagang near DzomiGeog office and the suspect was arrested for investigation. During the time of the arrest, the suspect was found drunk.

The next morning, the suspect confessed he had gone to visit his uncle at his house and from there he forced his uncle to accompany him to meet geogMangmi to talk about their land dispute. However, they could not meet the Mangmi as he had gone to sleep.

A brawl broke out between them and the nephew along with his uncle drove towards Khuruthang and while reaching Guligeba, he parked his car at the roadside. Then he asked his uncle to step out of the car.

As the victim was standing by the river side, the suspect pushed him into the river and watched him drown.

Then he drove back to his village but he did not go home; instead he slept in the car.

The villagers along with the police searched for the body for several days but the body has not been found till date.

The case has been forwarded to the Office of Attorney General (OAG).

Chencho Dema from Thimphu