Lone woman candidate to run for council, T/Yangtse

Twenty-eight year old Nima Selden from Rolam village under Yalang gewog, Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag is the youngest and only woman aspiring National Council (NC) candidate from Trashiyangste.

According to Nima, she has seen the suffering that her community undergoes often for lack of basic amenities like roads and wants to bring about balanced development in her dzongkhag.

Nima Selden, who completed her B.Com in Finance from Gaeddu College of Business Studies is a project coordinator of Clean Bhutan and has been operating a pilot project on waste management for two years now.

During this time, she went to all the eight gewogs in Trashiyangtse, visited schools and interacted with students, villagers and officials and familiarized herself with issues they are facing.

Nima Selden who calls herself a sociable person said she can handle any type of work.

“People can easily trust me and I am diligent. If elected, I will serve with dedication and sincerity.”

Nima Selden wants to inspire and encourage women to come forward and prove women’s strengths and capabilities.

She said that being the only female candidate from her dzongkhag makes her feel proud of herself but at the same time sad because though the country is trying its best to close the gender gap, women are still not seen as being capable of  leaders.

“As a woman candidate, I might have to battle the mindset that women are born to cook and work at home,” she said, “the saddest part is women do not support women.”

If elected, Nima Selden desires to push for a new set of laws addressing both private and government employees’ benefits. She also wants to create a conducive environment for villagers to market their local products and work on youth unemployment and rural to urban migration.

If she fails to secure a seat in the council, she wants to take part in the National Assembly elections because irrespective of the houses, if she wins, she will get to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum.

Pema Seldon from Thimphu