Lone woman candidate aspiring for NC, Pemagatshel

Business woman Jangchub Choden will contest in the upcoming National Council (NC) elections from Pemagatshel.

Jangchu Choden, 28, is the lone council aspirant candidate from the dzongkhag. She is from Nangkor Nagtshang village under Shumar Gewog in Pemgatshel.

She believes that gender is only a biological bent and has nothing to do with potential and capabilities.

“I do not limit ability to gender,” she said.

Jangchub Choden said that hearing stories about unsuccessful women candidates who failed to do well in the erstwhile elections does not deter her in any way.

According to her, cultural constraints and lack of trust in women leadership is a problem in the country but successive women candidates can always do better.

Jangchub Choden had always been keen to participate in the council elections and is contesting for the first time.

She worked as a manager in a private law firm in Thimphu for more than three years.

Currently she is running a business with her father.

She has a Bachelors in business management from Bangalore University.

Jangchub Choden’s father who served as Chimmi inspired her to contest for the council elections. “Everyone knows me as the Chimmi’s daughter.”

Talking about the NC, she said its independent mandate to maintain its apolitical nature was an attractive proposition for her driving her toward it rather than politics which she terms an expensive affair.

Jangchub Choden wants to offer a choice of candidates to her people but she is also aware that it would be absurd on her part to think that victory is guaranteed as of now.

However, she has already introduced herself in the villages as an aspiring council candidate from her gewog.

She said that she was deeply humbled and touched by the love and support that people showed during her familiarization tour.

Her strengths, she feels, are her strong work ethic, honesty, approachability and dedication.

Having worked in her dzongkhag, she interacted with many people listening to their issues.

Jangchub Choden strongly feels that it is necessary to create awareness about the national council and its roles and responsibilities as a house in parliament.

According to her, the rural folks are especially confused over legislation and they should be able to understand the country’s law. For this, she intends to act as a bridge if elected.

As of now, there are four council aspirant candidates from Shamur gewog and an eight from the dzongkhag.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu