Landfill in T/Yangste to be relocated

To address the growing issue of waste in Trashiyangtse town, the municipal authority is planning to relocate the existing landfill in the 12th Five Year Plan.

Constructed in 1992, the existing landfill located at Rangla about 5km away from Yangtse town has reached its full capacity.

“The existing landfill is almost full and very often the municipal uses excavators and trucks to press down the garbage and waste,” said the municipal engineer, Rinchen Leyda.

The municipality has opted to relocate the existing landfill instead of expanding it.

Rinchen Leyda said that Yangtse’s increasing population has resulted in generation of more waste, causing the landfill to overflow.

Proliferating population in Trashiyangtse over the years due to the Kholongchhu Hydropower Project Authority is also contributing to increased waste generation.

Trashiyangste lacks a separate facility for proper segregation of waste. All kinds of waste are dumped into the present landfill.

“Neither do we have qualified manpower to advocate people on the means and ways to reduce waste generation,” he added. However, the municipality plans to start segregating waste from the next plan period.

Currently, Yangtse municipal authority has one waste collecting truck. The truck not only carters waste from the township but also extends its services to Doksum town.

The municipal has only one refuse collector truck that collects waste from town twice every week and once a week from Doksum.

However, the engineer mentioned that illegal dumping of waste is not as rampant in Yangtse and instances of people burning garbage are minimal.

Until the relocation, the existing landfill is expected to be used for waste disposal.

Jigme Wangchen from Trashiyangtse