<strong>Initiation on Longchenpa’s collected works begins at Tharpaling</strong>

Initiation on Longchenpa’s collected works begins at Tharpaling

Thousands of devotees have gathered at Tharpaling Monastery, Bumthang to receive Wanglung on collected works of Longchen Rabjam. Conferred by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, the initiation began on 23 June, 2023.

Including Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche, hundreds of lams, tulkus, monks, nuns, lay practitioners and public are attending the empowerment and transmission discourse.

The Lam of Tharpaling monastery, Khenpo Tshewang Sonam said that the collected works are important for practitioners, researchers and students, especially for Nyingmapas. It is said that the whole empowerment and transmission of Longchenpa’s work was never initiated and this could be the first of its kind organized in Bhutan according to Lam.

Besides the discourse is being imparted for practitioners, Khenpo Tshewang Sonam said that the main objective of organizing such initiation is to continue and spread the lineage of Longchenpa’s teachings. Khenpo urged lams, tulkus and Khenpo to propagate further.

Ngawang Chogyal from Trashigang who teaches in one of the monasteries in Thrimshing, said that to receive initiation on Longchenpa’s work is important. “It authorizes us to refer to Longchen’s works to learn and teach to students,” he said.

All the way from Thimphu traveling in monsoon and flocking the groups of devotees from across the country, Tshering Jigme said that he feels fortunate to receive Wanglung on a series of Longchen’s works.

Zangmo, a resident of Phuentsholing came to attend the discourse understanding its sacredness. She feels fortunate to receive Wanglung from Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche.

Longchen Rabjam was born in 1308 in a village in the Dra Valley in Yuru, U-Tsang. He was born to the Nyingma lama Lopon Tsensung, a descendent of the Rog clan. Longchenpa’s mother died when he was nine and his father died two years after. After being orphaned, he entered Samye monastery in 1320 under the Abbot Sonam Rinchen and master Lopon Kunga Ozer. Longchenpa was an avid student with a great capacity for memory. He passed away in 1364.

According to tibetologist David Germano, Longchenpa’s work led to the dominance of the Longchen Nyingthig lineage of Dzogchen (Great Perfection) over the other Dzogchen traditions. He is also responsible for the scholastic systematization of Dzogchen thought within the context of the wider Tibetan Vajrayana tradition of philosophy which was highly developed at the time among the Sarma schools. 

Longchenpa fled to BumthangBhutan to avoid political conflict. Here he relinquished his monastic vows, married and had a daughter and a son. He also founded a series of small monasteries in Bhutan, including Tharpa Ling, which was his main residence. After living in Tharpa Ling for 10 years, he returned to Tibet and was reconciled with Changchub Gyaltsen, who even became Longchenpa’s student.

Longchenpa wrote over 270 works according to Tulku Thondup.

During the conferment, Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche said that the no lam had bestowed whole teachings of Longchenpa.

The initiation is expected to take more than 20 days according to the announcement from the Tharpaling monastery management.  

Sangay Rabten from Bumthang