Immense Gratitude to our Leaders

Karma Choden

This monsoon has seen one of the worst floods leading to road blocks, damages to the bridges, homes and even taking a few lives. But it is in this worst situation we have seen the best of leadership, compassion, sympathy and empathy of our leaders. It was the presence of His Majesty in the worst affected area that touched the hearts and won admiration of many people in the country. Without giving a second thought to his personal safety, HM led the rescue team from the front personally overseeing the mitigation, restoration, relocation and safety of his subjects while himself being drenched and soaked to the brim in rain and flood. While the rest of us basked in the comfort of our warm cozy rooms HM spent his time with the flood affected people giving warmth and comfort to the people. To this we the citizens at least owe our gratitude for once again our Kings have proved that the safety of his subjects is far greater than his personal safety.
Seeing HM at devastated Sarpang town reminded me of HM the Fourth King who led his team at the forefront risking his own life during the December 2003 flush out operation of the insurgents in our country. This time it is HM who came at the forefront leading his team to rescue our people from dangers to their lives and properties. Where in the world will one find such a king who immerses himself so fully at the ground level?
Secondly, it was great to see our Prime Minister who immediately cancelled his scheduled visit to Lingzhi and personally engaged in the rescue work at Phuentsholing, Kamji, Pasakha, Samtse and joining HM at Gelephu. He left no stone unturned to follow in the footsteps of His Majesty and spent tireless nights sometimes working till the wee hour in the morning to ensure the safety of our people.
PM’s recent FB post indicate that he is at Nimtola in Dagana and is seen interacting with the students and public to learn the ground situation there since the gewog got disconnect from the rest of the Dzongkhag due to the flood. It is heartening to know that a farm shop with essential food items will be opened immediately and food items will be sold at fair prices to the public. I learned that food items will be airlifted and stocked at the farm shop till the situation there improves. This also reminded me of how at one point of time people complained, whined and made a hue and cry over the government buying helicopters. People come to know the value of a person or a thing only at the time of disasters such as this.
Our people should remain grateful for all that the PM has done in the recent flood. I don’t know how our people feel but I am not ashamed to admit that our PM has earned my deepest admiration. Actions after all speak louder than words which PM proved in all his moves.
And last but not least, I for one cannot shy away from admitting the selfless service of our arm force and desuups who are always ever ready, willing and in the service of our country. I salute to you all who were engaged in the rescue and restoration works of the recent flood. Images of the people in uniform working hard day and night at times like this are always heartwarming and heart wrenching too. One cannot help but admire their level of devotion, love and display of patriotism to our King, Country and People.
Times like this also bring people from all walk of lives in solidarity and support for the ones affected. It was very heartwarming to see organizations coming together to help in the damage mitigation work carried out at different places. Some contributed physical labour while some contributed food and refreshment.
Now, there is a darker side shown by the recent flood. People in the capital city not only selfishly lined up their cars around every available fuel station creating traffic jam but also hoarded fuel despite repeated request from the PM and concerned agencies not to hoard fuel. Vegetable vendors started selling vegetables at exorbitantly high rates. Onions during the time of flood were priced at Nu.80 per kg while it costed only Nu. 40/kg just a week before the flood. Taxis started charging extra fare for the customers in genuine need for travel. I will not be surprised if someday we get to hear that grocery shops have raised the price on food items.
How selfish can we get? and how grateful can we remain?