iBest provides platform to youth to hone multimedia skills

With COVID-19 pandemic hitting the employment rates of the country, service providers like iBest institute has initiated more internship programs for Bhutanese youth in the field of multimedia.

Co-founder of iBest institute, Tharchen said the simple vision for coming up with the iBest institute was to provide training which is relevant to the youths where they can be trained, start a career and earn for their livelihood.

Most of the youths are interested in multi-media platform and do not have enough resources to engage. “We are providing a platform for them,” he said adding that iBest provides youths with multi-media trainings: animations, visualizations, photography and more.

The iBest institute was started with just 25 employees with no expertise in the field. He said Bhutan still lacks expertise in the field of multi-media and as a company, “We are still finding a way to progress further and as we progress, we are providing opportunities to the youths.”

He said iBest is providing internship opportunities to the youths with free trainings to progress themselves as they progress with their life. Currently, there are 15 youths who are taking part in iBest as an internship and as time passes the team looks forward to provide more internship programs for youths in the country.

Currently, iBest is providing internship programs to the youths. “After the internship program, the youths can continue working in iBest or take their training experiences in other fields,” he said.

Tharchen said as technologies are becoming more affordable and accessible with the cost of internet decreasing, the need for user friendly and efficient technologies is growing. “Many services can be availed online, and with more number of people using smartphones and internet on the rise, there is huge scope and potential in the IT sectors.”

He said as more than 50 % of the country’s population are youth, there is a huge demand for contents like MTVs, graphics and designs, animation, and movies. Moreover, majority of the population using smartphone means more entertainment and learning platforms are created, besides general communication purposes.

Kezang Wangmo, 25, from Trashiyangtse, a graduate from Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology and an intern at iBest said, “I am really interested in animation and during my college days, I spend most of my time creating animations and I have even uploaded some animations on YouTube.”

She said through iBest’s internship program she learned many new things: working environment in the real world, being punctual and many innovations in animations.

Sangay from Zhemgang joined the internship program to learn more about animations which deals with art. “I am interested in art works and since this kind of program deals with arts, I have joined here.”

Sangay said other youths should come forward and learn more about animations as virtual reality is being boosted through technologies.

Meanwhile, iBest even served the country by creating e-learning videos for children in the country. In 2018, the team developed educational and entertainment content which proved practically useful for the people.

Tharchen said the Ministry of Education also approached iBest institute to develop the e-learning process. “We accepted it and it was a successful project despite the pandemic.”

iBest contributed more than 400 video lessons to MoE.

Talking about the challenges , Mr Tharchen said even though the team worked day and night, the project that the team took was bit heavy as they had to complete it within a time frame.

Further, he said the project was completed without any issues as the team worked together and was able to overcome the challenges. “We needed good coordination among the team and during the project we had that coordination; we were able to complete the project in the given period of time.”  “Even though we have 25 employees, to speed up the project, we hired five more members in the team on contract. We are very happy to have been able to help the country on the educational aspect and providing job opportunities to the youths in these times,” he added.

Sonam Tashi from Thimphu