Heavy vehicle dealers bear the brunt of ACC notification

Heavy vehicle dealers say that the ordered vehicles have arrived and are at their stock yards

After the notification from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on the load capacity restriction that was imposed from May, 17, heavy vehicle dealers in the border town of Phuentsholing have also been impacted with customers unwilling to take around hundred of booked vehicles.

The customers are skeptic and not keen on taking the vehicles fearing loss as the export of boulders has come to a stop. It is also learnt that some of the customers have cancelled the orders after the issue emerged.

 Heavy vehicle dealers say that the ordered vehicles have arrived and are at their stock yards.

“We cannot compel buyers at this time knowing the current situation,” Dawa Lham, Samden Vehicle’s General Manger in Phuentsholing said. More than 50 vehicles (10 and 16 wheels trippers) are stocked at the yard of Samden Vehicle.

Meanwhile, it’s learnt that customers are even willing to forgo the advance amount that they have paid to the dealers while booking the vehicle. Customers have to make an advance payment of Nu 50,000 to Nu 100,000 while booking a vehicle.

The bookings for heavy vehicle have increased ever since the country started exporting boulders to Bangladesh. There has always been a demand for heavy vehicle, mostly 10 wheelers.

However, vehicle dealers say that their sales have also dropped now. Every dealer would sell up to 30 vehicles a month earlier. Now some have not sold even one and a few have not received even any inquiry.

As customers have the right to cancel order, vehicle dealers say they are willing to help the customers if they wished to cancel.

Similarly, another vehicle agency, Ugyen Auto, has more than 30 vehicles that are yet to be taken by buyers.

According to vehicle dealers, they are also equally impacted as they too have to pay loans to the financial institutions. With the decreased sales, there are repercussions in the economy.

 Meanwhile, going by the Gross Vehicle Weight, still 10 wheelers are allowed to carry not more than 15MT, which is still a loss for transporters. Also, to increase the carrying capacity, these truckers have added springs and bodies which increase the vehicle weight. An empty 10 wheelers truck weigh around 12 MT and are supposed to carry not more than 16MT.   

Sales for the State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited (STCBL) have also dropped. It used to sell more than 35 trucks a month earlier. Around 20 vehicles are parked at the yard and another 20 are on the way

A STCBL official said, “They are willing to forgo the amount as they have not seen much scope. Due to overloading issues, the customers and the dealers are still waiting for the government to resolve it.”

Sale for Zimbi Motors, another automobile dealer in Phuentsholing, has also dropped after the customers have cancelled some bookings. However, the company refunds the advance booking amount.

“We have to understand their issue,” the manager said.

Pic courtesy: Facebook

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing