Ginger export from P/ling and Samtse comes to a halt

Farmers from Phuentsholing and Samtse are worried for now as they are unable to sell their ginger anywhere

About 10 Metric Tons (MT) of ginger are stored at the auction yard of the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited in Phuentsholing and around 200 bags of ginger are stored at the auction yard in Samtse as the export of ginger from these two districts has come to a stop.

As another season for ginger approaches and with the auction yard reluctant to take the present ginger stored at their homes in their villages, farmers in Samtse say it has become a concern for them.

Talking to Business Bhutan, FCBL officials say that they have temporarily suspended getting gingers from farmers for the time being as the products are not allowed to be exported to India with the Indian Customs restricting the product from Bhutan being exported to their country.

A ginger farmer from Pemaling gewog in Samtse said that he has left his ginger at the auction yard.

“They are not being exported till now and even the FCBL is not accepting gingers from us these days,” he said, adding that the farmers in Pemaling solely depend on the sale of ginger and it is the main source of income for them.

Another farmer from Pemaling gewog, Adu Raj Ghalley, said, “I heard that our products are not being exported despite being taken to the auction yard.”

He said that their stocks are rotting as they are unable to sell the products.

 “I have around 1,200kg of ginger here with me and I am not sure where to sell this as the FCBL has stopped acquiring ginger from us,” he added. “As export is not possible, I am planning to sell the ginger stock to the FCBL once the FCBL resumes to buy from the farmers.”

Similarly, another ginger farmer from Pemaling gewog, Rakesh Rai, has around 7MT of ginger at the FCBL auction yard in Samtse and they are yet to be exported.

“Currently, I have not been able to collect from other farmers as the export has been stopped,” he added.

A resident from Phuentsholing, Kubir Rai said the transport issue is a problem as the monsoon season has damaged the routes to transport ginger to the markets. Some ginger stocks are getting rotten each day.

Another farmer, Devain, said they have worked hard to produce the best quality of ginger compared to past years.

Farmers from Phuentsholing and Samtse are worried for now as they are unable to sell their ginger anywhere.

Meanwhile, Samtse is yet to export around 103MT of areca nuts.

Sonam Tashi from Phuentsholing