Gelephu to get weigh bridge before June 20

Gelephu to get weigh bridge before June 20

Gelephu will restart using the old weigh bridge after repairing it before June 20. Experts from Guwahati, Assam are expected to reach Gelephu on June 17.

The parts will also reach the site with the experts. Without national experts the repairing works cannot be done. The old weigh bridge will be repaired and used again. They will work on repairing the existing weigh bridge the next day. It is expected to take a day or two to complete repairing works. 

Gelephu Thromde has approved Nu 135,000 to replace the old and defunct weigh bridge at Gelephu. Regional Revenue and Customs Office at Gelephu has proposed to Thromde seeking financial assistance. Once complete, the weigh bridge will be handed back to Thromde for management.

Once complete, Gelephu Thromde will start to manage the bridge after having thorough understanding with the RRCO.

Currently, there is no weigh bridge as the old one near the border gate has become defunct. The weighbridge near the border gate was reported damaged on December 4 last year. Since then the weigh bridge has not been used till now.

The weigh bridge which was initially supposed to be used for weighing consignments at the check points was later used to weigh boulders which were being exported to Bangladesh.

The absence of weigh bridge is one of the causes of the recent stall of boulder export to Bangladesh and India due to under invoicing.However, more than a month since the issue surfaced, the border town still does not have a weighbridge.

More than a hundred truckloads of river bed materials goes through the gate without weight slip. It is also learnt that the weight of the consignments are manipulated to evade necessary payments at the gate.

The weigh bridge was installed initially to weigh other consignments.  But since boulder export begun from Gelephu, it has been used optimallybut later it was broken.

The Natural Resources Development Corporation Ltd (NRDCL) has also proposed to install two weigh bridges at the site near Mao River where the materials reach.

With proper allocation of site, they have not started to work on installation. Thromde had allocated a plot near the town where Multimode transit hub is proposed in future. NRDCL feels that it would be viable as they would have to relocate once the work on transit hub starts. An NRDCL official from Gelephu said that once the plot is allocated, they would start installation works.

NRDCL has proposed to install one at source and the other at Gelephu-Zhemgang national highway for the vehiclesโ€™ convenience.

Krishna Ghalley from Gelephu