Former NC member from Chhukha aims to build bridges between public and government

Former National Council (NC) Member of Parliament Pema Tenzin, 40,  who is rre-contestingfor the upcoming NC elections from Chhukha this year wants to bridge the gap between the people and government, promoting citizen engagement in democratic governance and development of communities.

Pema Tenzin from Shemagangkha village in Chapchha gewog vows to continue to serve the people of his dzongkhag with the same dedication and passion as during his last term.

‘I pledge to continue to work hard on my people’s behalf and in the service of Tsa Wa Sum,’ he said.

Apart from experience as an NC MP till 2018, Pema Tenzin also worked as Human Resource Director for 10 years prior to joining the NC. While serving as NC MP, he also chaired the economic affairs committee. “We monitored the economic progress of various economic activities and have acquired experience,” he said.

He also plans to solve his community issues in consultation with the people if elected. Pema Tenzin hopes to collaborate with other MPs to frame better policies for the nation’s benefit. ‘We want to work on policies for bettering rural people’s lives and hope people understand,’ he said.

Pema Tenzin durng his tenure as a NC member has toured all the villages of Chhukha dzongkhag .

Pema Tenzin holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Victoria University, Melbourne in Australia.

Krishna Ghalley from Chukha