Druna Ghu Cookies wins the best sales pitch at entrepreneurship festival

Druna GhuCookies won the best sales pitch with a cash prize of Nu 25,000 at The Druk Tshongrig Gatoen (DTG).

DTG is a celebration of different ideas and outlooks and a festival of innovation and enterprise.

DTG festival started on October 17 and will end tomorrow. It is being held in Thimphu as well as in 16 educational institutes across the country for the second time since its inception in 2018.

The DTG is the Bhutan’s first festival of, by and for Bhutanese entrepreneurs and brings together entrepreneurs from all sectors to celebrate their entrepreneurial journey.

Druk Tshongrig Gatoen aims to promote and celebrate social entrepreneurship, intelligent businesses and celebrate young Bhutanese entrepreneurs.

At the start, there were 15 entrepreneurs competing for the best sales pitch and five of them were nominated.

Druna Ghu Cookies won the best sales pitch. Druna Ghu produces fine cookies from historic grains, using only the finest natural ingredients. All the cookies are free from preservatives and artificial flavoring.

They are made in a remote village near Haa in small batches to retain the homemade quality and taste.

Chimi Dema from Paro started the business last year in June and produced three varities of biscuits.

She said that she started the idea when she realizes that there is huge import of cookies from outside and nine varieties of grains in the village are underused.

“With my business idea, it helps the community in the village to sell their grains and I can also create employment opportunity,” said Chimi Dema.

She uses nine varieties of grains including rice, sweet bucket, bitter buckwheat, maize, amaranthus, wheat, barley, millet and mustard to make cookies.

She also plans to produce an additional six varieties of products in the future.

The second best sales pitch was awarded to Bhutan nails spa. Bhutan nails spa will get opportunity to host their website sponsored by Green E-Solution.

The objective of Druk Tshongrig Gatoen is to introduce the concept of entrepreneurship to young people outside of Thimphu in colleges and technical training institutes and inspires them to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice after graduation. This would be done through established entrepreneurs sharing their entrepreneurial journey that is fun, informative and encouraging.

It will also provide opportunities to entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-support organizations to connect with others and strengthen entrepreneurship eco-system in the country. A select group of entrepreneurs will stand a chance to promote their products and services at the entrepreneurs fair and engage with relevant stakeholders.

Tshongrig refers to intelligent business and entails a culture of business and entrepreneurship infused with brilliant production and consumption.

A total of 39 Bhutanese entrepreneurs displayed their products and services at the entrepreneur fair. The event this year is jointly organized by Bhutan Association for Entrepreneurs, Ministry of labor and Human Resources, UNDP Bhutan, Thimphu Tech Park, iBest, institute for learning solutions, the green road, druk host, iHub Bhutan, Loden Foundation and Ruprup.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu