DCS jubilant as it becomes first recipient of smart boards in Mongar

There are a total of five smart boards for three sections of Class X and two sections of Class XII

The students of Drametse Central School (DCS) in Mongar will now experience a new way of learning through smart boards as the DCS became the first recipient of smart boards in the district.

The green boards are now replaced by smart boards.  

The Principal of the DCS, Kunzang Chophel said to digitalize the system of education, the initiative of smart boards was critical in the school to have realistic and convincing learning. 

He said there are many benefits of using a smart board with different features and the necessary documents of teachers and students can be saved on a board.  

“There is an opportunity to improve the quality of education through smart board learning,” the principal said. 

However, he said the impact of the smart boards will be seen in the next academic year as it will be mostly used for covering syllabus for Classes X and XII.  

The Principal said the school planned to introduce the smart boards last year, but due to the cost it was implemented only at the end of September. The financial aspect is managed within the school budget and the fund is supported by the Dzongkhag.  

 Currently, only Classes X and XII use the smart boards for learning. The school is planning to bring additional smart boards next year for classes having the board examinations. 

There are a total of five smart boards for three sections of Class X and two sections of Class XII. 

The principal added, “Students have now been showing more interest as it is an easier and more informative way of learning and everything can be explored with the help of the internet and all the important subject-related matters can be saved on the board.” 

He said the main objective of implementing the smart boards was to make students explore learning in a futuristic manner by going through the board and exploring subject-related learning. “Moreover, it is considered a hygienic way of learning as we do not have to exercise chalks and duster.” 

One of the teachers, Dechen Tshomo said the smart board has helped students to be active and alert and it has helped in exploring new ideas related to a subject. 

Another teacher, Dawa Tshering said it is a new experience for the students and the new learning has facilitated various improvements, where the teachers do not have to use chalk and it also saves time.

A student of class XII, Sonam Yangden said the smart board is the simplest form of learning which provides a lot of knowledge through ICT.

She said it is a new way of learning and experiencing such a form of learning helps her to be more active and energetic.

She said teaching becomes more attractive and advanced, and it develops knowledge of ICT with the use of a smart board.

“We get a space to explore more related to a subject as well as beyond the subject and it conveys more information and widens the knowledge of us,” she said. 

Tenzin Lhamo from Trashigang