An artist who paints like the wind

An artist who paints like the wind

Sangay Khandu can sketch and paint an art piece within three to seven minutes

He has got magical fingers.

Sangay Khandu, a 24-year old from Chukhha, takes between three to seven minutes to complete a piece of art.

He has harbored a passion for drawing and making cartoons since childhood.

Sangay Khandu studied till class XII at Rinchen High School in 2014. Following his passion in painting, he joined the National Institute of Zorig Chusum for two years, though his parents wanted him to continue his education college.

He used to maintain drawing books since he was a child and from class IX, he took to pencil sketches.

He was also the member of VAST for a year where he took classes during weekends.

He said that now he could pencil sketch, paint portrait, landscape, upside down, use glitter and also produce Bhutanese traditional paintings.

Sangay said that to do live show visual art painting, he needs to practice once or twice.

On Thursday, during the launch of Misty Terrace band’s new music album, Sangay did a live show visual art painting of His Majesty The Fourth King. He competed the painting in a less than seven minutes. “For this live show, I practiced only once.”

He does both traditional and contemporary artwork.

Sangay currently earns his income from painting Bhutanese traditional paintings for different households.

“In a month I earn around Nu 20,000 to Nu 35, 000,” he said.

For each painting he charges around Nu 7,000.

He also said that in the future he wants to do unique paintings and a solo art exhibition at the national and international level.

He has also participated in school and dzongkhag level art exhibitions. He stood second in both the exhibitions.

“Once I was going through drug addiction. I quit after getting the opportunity to do what I wanted to do in my life, that is create art,” said Sangay.

Sangay said that currently, many youths complain about unemployment, but they do not want to use their skills. “Youth have to show and have interest in anything they do. The earnings will come definitely.”

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu