A fresh graduate to contest for NC from T/yangtse

A fresh graduate determined to bring about changes in the country, Dorji, is the first and the only candidate from his gewog to declare his candidature for the National Council from Trashiyangtse.

Thirty-one year old Dorji is from Serpang village, Kamdang gewog in Trashiyangtse.

Talking about his intention to contest for council, he said that he wants to contribute toward strengthening the house of law.

“I decided to contest thinking that taking part is more important than winning,” he said.

Dorji holds a Bachelor’s degree in media and psychology from Indo Asian Academy in Bangalore, India.

He had always wanted to serve the nation and inspire youth to grab opportunities in life.

Prior to joining politics, Dorji worked in customer research in Bhutan National Bank in Tsirang.

Dorji felt that the number of candidates participating in the elections was less so he wants to offer his people a variety of choices.

But he stressed that his main reason to contest was to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum in the best way possible.

Dorji said that if elected, he would keep his people abreast of legislation-new or old. He also hopes to inspire other youth to set their goals high and take up leadership positions.

If elected, he also plans to work on pertinent issues like rural to urban migration, creating recreational facilities for youth in rural areas and unemployment.

According to him, he is optimistic about winning as he is the first candidate from his gewog and his people already show a lot of support.

“I have plans to bring innovative changes in Trashiyangtse in terms of education, agriculture and business.”

Since most of his childhood was spent in agricultural activities, he hopes to help the farming community in his village and focus on expanding the rural economy.

His life-long wish, Dorji said, was to serve his people and contribute to nation building.

Jigme Wangchen from Trashigang