21-year-old dies after falling into septic tank in Gasa

21-year-old dies after falling into septic tank in Gasa

A 21-year-old man died after he fell into a septic tank on June 11 at Bjishong Central School in Damji, Gasa.  

The deceased died on the spot. It was suspected that the death was caused due to suffocation and cardiac arrest (hypoxia). On physical examination, no external injuries were found on the body of the deceased. 

The deceased, who had completed Class XII, was working as a part-time worker at the toilet construction site of the Bjishong Central School. 

On the day of the accident, the deceased was given the task to open a small pipe-sized hole above the septic tank which had a depth of 10.9ft and a length of 10.9m. The septic tank was completed about a month ago, but remained closed. Two other workers, aged 20 and 32, were employed to put up the wall, which is located a few distance away from the septic tank. 

When the deceased was called to bring the cement mix and when he did not respond, Karma Tshering, a 64-year-old man for whom the deceased worked at the school’s toilet construction site, went to check on him. 

Karma Tshering found the septic tank’s entrance open and when he looked inside, the deceased was lying unconscious in the septic tank. 

It was learnt that after the deceased’s work tool fell into the septic tank while he was working, the deceased had gone in to retrieve his tool and that was when he lost consciousness.  

While the other two workers, aged 20 and 32, went into the septic tank to rescue the deceased, the two of them also fell unconscious.  

With the help of teachers of the school, all three were rescued from the septic tank and were taken to the Damji BHU for medical attention. 

The deceased was declared dead on arrival at the BHU. The 20-year-old worker was referred to the Punakha Hospital due to his serious condition, while the 32-year-old was admitted at the BHU with stable condition.  

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased was handed over to his father. 

Chencho Dema from Punakha