Clean wage system be to implemented by July next year for civil servants

The pay structure reform Act of Bhutan 2022 will be effective from July 1, 2023 for civil servants and similarly, for the National Council (NC) members, it will come into force with the election of the members of the fourth parliament. For the National Assembly (NA) members, it shall come into force with the election […]

Govt. working to increase the national minimum daily wage rate

The pandemic affected implementation of a very important social support for the people Since 2014, the National Minimum Daily Wage Rate (NMDW) in Bhutan has been Nu 125 per day. The National Minimum Daily Wage Rate raise (NMDW) couldn’t be implemented due to budget restraints. However, the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource (MoLHR) is […]

Endowment fund to be converted to insurance premium

Government working on to support the people with insurance premium instead of endowment fund The government is currently working on to transform the endowment fund to insurance premium as soon as the government gets the budget. This was said by Agriculture Minister Yeshey Penjor during question and answer session of the eighth sitting of the […]

Economic and Finance Committee’s Chairperson Questions power of NA Speaker

While the Economic and Finance Committee’s Chairperson questions the powers of the Speaker, the latter says he is shouldering his responsibility ethically In the ongoing Parliament Session, the chairperson of the Economic and Finance Committee, Kinga Penjore, National Assembly (NA) member from Ganzur-Menje, Lhuntse questioned the right of the Speaker of the NA for withdrawing […]

NC to deliberate Tax Bill of Bhutan 2022 

National Assembly endorsed Tax Bill of Bhutan 2022, which will now be deliberated in the National Council (NC) According to the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Tax bill of Bhutan 2022 intends to ease the shortage of foreign currency reserves, promote the local priority sector, and substitute potential import with the local products and to […]

NPL in the  picture again

People say the criteria that education loan will not be available to applicants whose family members have NPL is irrational and that those with NPL should not be penalized wherever possible Following the Royal Monetary Authority’s (RMA’s) notification (page 10) on the issuance or resumption of the education loan on November 12, 2022, financial institutions […]