Tax revenue expected to improve slightly this year

The CIT and sales tax were the highest contributors to the overall domestic revenue to the GDP With the anticipated improvements in economic activities during FY 2022-23, the buoyancy for the overall domestic revenue is expected to improve to 0.8 and the buoyancy for tax revenue is also estimated to improve by 2.07. Finance minister […]

Enterprising for purpose

My business partner, Sonam Rinchen, and I have been nurturing the iBEST and our colleagues for more than eight years. We hope to build a long-lasting institution that will benefit Bhutan, Bhutanese, and beyond. In these eight years, and still today, as we hustle every day and make sure that the company survivesand that our […]

Stock exchange spots Nu 80mn in unclaimed dividends

Not updating information accounted for unclaimed dividends The Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan (RSEBL) has found a total of around Nu 80mn unclaimed dividends with the 19 listed companies since 1993. This is because the accounts holders do not update information with the banks and this has accounted for more unclaimed dividends. The chief executive officer (CEO) of RSEBL, […]

BCCI submits suggestions to RMA on loan deferment for private sectors

The submission also includes SMEs and soft loans for the eastern hoteliers to promote northeast Indian tourists Bhutan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has made some suggestions on loan deferment of two years for all the private sectors to the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA). Aside from categorizing in monetary measures phase IV (MM4), the […]

Unemployment rate expected to plunge to 2% in 2023-24

The Country’s labour market is improving with the resuming of economic activities, according to labor minister Karma Dorji The labour market in the country has been improving consistently since the second half of 2021 and the momentum is expected to continue. The unemployment rate is expected to drop to 3.5% this year and around 2% […]

Is Bhutan’s trade deficit a problem?

 A trade deficit occurs when a nation imports more than its exports. A country experiences a trade deficit or negative trade balance if its import bill is more than its export earnings I am so glad to ask this important question. The size of the Bhutan trade deficit, and its implications for this country’s future, […]

House prices likely to drop by 10% from September

House prices are expected to decline for the first time in a year in August as loan repayments period and soaring inflation finally took a toll, with the slowdown forecast to deepen in the coming months. Average home prices are expected to fall by 10% in the coming months, according to the real estate agents […]

Travellers upset with existing protocols at Phuentsholing gate

Commenters claimed that protocol needs to change The existing protocols for entry and exit from Phuentsholing gate needs to change as most of the commuters get delayed to reach their destination on time. The travellers going to Samdrup Jongkhar, Nganglam, Panbang, Gelephu, Gomtu, and India from Phuentsholing gate have to follow the exit and entry […]

Is now the time to raise the minimum wage rate?

The government will look through the situation to increase the minimum wage rate, according to the Labour Minister As the country’s economy begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been widespread reporting of ongoing labour shortages, especially in lower-wage industries, such as construction and businesses, that were hard hit by the crisis. Some […]

Currency caution: On the Ngultrum’s depreciation

The Bhutanese ngultrum is experiencing its worst slump in four years. Since the start of 2022, the currency has depreciated by more than 7% against the US dollar, weakening past a historic low of 80 to a dollar mark earlier last month. While the Bhutanese currency is not alone in faring poorly against the US dollar, with […]