Cement agents see sales slackening in Trashigang

Some customers say that the current prices of cement charged by the agents are exorbitant Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and rise in fuel prices disrupting the supply chains, cement agents in Trashigang are seeing sales slackening in the district. They say this has led to a gap between the agents and the cement suppliers. […]

Football Ground Gallery of CLCS in Taktse inaugurated

The construction of Football Ground Gallery, site drain, bench and sitting area have been completed at a cost of about Nu 10mn The newly constructed Football ground Gallery of the College of Language and Culture Studies (CLCS) in Trongsa was inaugurated by Lungtaen Jyatsho, the President CLCS, and officials from the Embassy of India in […]

Most construction works back on track

The government relaxing Covid-19 restrictions has already started offering a glimmer of hope for those in the construction sector The everyday rise in the prices of construction materials may not be something the government can solve, but the government relaxing the Covid-19 restrictions has at least allowed most construction works to continue for now. The Executive […]

Piggery farmers in Gelephu affected by imported pork

The farmers have requested the DoL in the district for intervention Piggery farmers in Gelephu are having a difficult time finding markets with consumers preferring imported frozen pork as they come cheaper than the meat of the local pigs. Piggery farmers have, therefore, written an appeal letter to the Department of Livestock (DoL) in the […]

Export issues to be resolved soon

The exports of ginger and areca nuts from Bhutan were stopped in May 2021 To solve the export issues of potatoes, ginger and areca nuts from Bhutan to India, Economic Affairs Minister Loknath Sharma said the government had requested the Government of India (GoI) to remove all these non-tariff barriers and that the problem is […]

Certification process underway for exporting Druna Ghu cookies

Druna Ghu is a cereal cookies made in Bhutan Chimi Dema often recollects her conversation with her late father ten years ago about Druna Ghu (the nine indigenous types of grains) that were then cultivated in her village in Paro. Her father would then add on about how people over time left cultivating most of […]