MoEA Minister quizzed on increasing prices of commodities

Economic Affairs Minister Loknath Sharma responded that the prices of commodities have increased because of manufacturers hiking up the costs during the question and answer session of the National Assembly yesterday. The minister was responding to the question from the Member of Parliament from the Dramedtse-Ngatshang constituency, Ugyen Wangdi, who questioned about the exorbitant price […]

Guideline launched to facilitate identification of pyramid schemes

The guideline will facilitate investigation and identification of pyramid schemes so as to curtail and prevent their operation in the country With online business becoming rampant in the country, the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs has come up with the pyramid scheme identification guideline, 2021. The guideline is developed […]

Phuentsholing residents alert after lockdown rumor

The town has not recorded a single community transmission case of the Covid-19 in the last 108 days A rumor about another possible lockdown in Phuentsholing has caused a bit of a stir among the local residents, who are now extra cautious about not letting the virus take the border town hostage again, with painful […]

Fixing accountability is important

The flaws in the government procurement system have once again been highlighted by the Annual Audit Report 2020-2021 of the Royal Audit Authority (RAA). The finding that the government’s procurement system is plagued with irregularities is nothing new. Many past Annual Audit reports of the RAA have been publishing such irregularities year after year, but little […]

Punatsangchu-I dam site abandoned to build a barrage

The government invested around Nu 23bn on Punatsangchu I dam site The current Punatsangchu I dam site will be abandoned as a third party foreign expert has recommended that the Punatsangchu I project abandon its current dam site and instead build a barrage upstream, disclosed Economic Affairs Minister Loknath Sharma.  Building a barrage upstream is […]

Opposition urges government to reassess current plan

On the scale of priority, the bye-election constituencies have been given more importance over other constituencies, according to the Opposition Party The government needs to reassess the reprioritized and de-prioritized plan activities to ensure that the implementation of the current plan meets its ultimate objective of equitable and balanced development, according to the Opposition Party, […]

Dental patients exasperated over late services

Some patients have been waiting for their treatment to begin for almost a year, but they have been told that their turn will come after seven or eight years Karma Lhamo, a resident of Thimphu, consulted an orthodontist earlier this year and the latter advised her to get braces. Accordingly, her case was registered. However, […]

Three more dzongkhags and 26 additional gewogs receive ODF certification

Meanwhile, the theme for this year’s WTD is “Valuing Toilets” With eight dzongkhags and 129 gewogs in the country achieving Open Defecation Free (ODF) status, Bhutan has achieved 62% in terms of improved sanitation and ODF status. Coinciding with the observation of the World Toilet Day (WTD) 2021, three more dzongkhags and 26 additional gewogs […]

All women vying for Gup’s office through the Dhamngoi Zomdu in T/gang

The third Local Government Elections will be held on December 22 All three women candidates in Trashigang, who are contesting for the post of Gup in the upcoming Local Government Elections from their respective chiwogs, have made through the Dhamngoi Zomdu (the selection of candidate). The three women are candidates from the gewogs of Shongphu, […]

Labor shortage delays construction works in P/ling

The construction sector has been one of the most hit by the pandemic The lack of skilled laborers has delayed many construction works and projects in the border town of Phuentsholing. Many construction deadlines have come and gone for many contractors due to the lack of skilled workers. While Phuentsholing has come a long way […]