All set for 2023 elections: PDP

The party will make eight replacements as some of the candidates cannot participate in the next election due to age, some under health ground and some due to personal reasons The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), which is one of the oldest political parties in the country with experience both as the government and the opposition […]

Time to act!

Time and again we hear stories of atrocities against women and children. The findings of a compilation of cases of rape in the country between 2009 and 2020 by the National Commission for Women and Children are, therefore, unfortunate and startling. From about 530 cases of rape, 70% are rape of children, and about four […]

Nu 5.4bn trade deficit in second quarter of 2021

The balance of trade with India alone accounts for around Nu 2.6bn Amid growing imports, electricity is the only rescuer to narrow the country’s trade deficit. Reports of this year’s two quarterly trade statistics reveal that the country imported goods worth more than Nu 38bn against an export of Nu 15bn, leaving a trade deficit […]