A one-stop shop for premium Apple products

iDesire is a unique business that deals with premium Apple products with the shop boasting of a cozy, natural environment on the way to the Royal Thimphu College. Parsu Ram Biswa, 40, from Samtse iDesire, is the proprietor of the shop that deals with Apple products from iPhone to iMac with warranty of 12 months […]

The COVID-19 labor reality check

With 2,000 Bhutanese recently registering to work with the Punatsangchhu-II Project, it finally seems like the country’s aversion to blue-collared jobs is seeing a paradigm shift and the process of building of a national work force that will take care of its labor needs especially in the construction sector has been set in motion. COVID19 […]

Thimphu TechPark recruits employees despite COVID-19

Thimphu TechPark Limited (TTPL), Bhutan’s first IT Park which started in May 2012 with two core mandates: attracting and facilitating Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies to lease commercial space within the 58,000 sq ft building, and managing and operating the Bhutan Innovation and Technology Center, continues to attract and recruit employees despite COVID-19. The IT […]