We are yet to see bold Initiatives, says Opposition Party

While the Opposition Party congratulated the government on completing its first year in office and expressed interest to work together for the cause of the people and the country, it, however, maintained that the government has not undertaken any bold initiative in the past one year. “On the whole, we are yet to see bold […]

Online potato auction gains popularity

Into the third year of trading, online potato auction has shown significant improvement in terms of volume. Compared to the last two years, the volume exported through online auction has increased by almost 60MT which is a huge success. The volume till Thursday had surpassed last season’s total export. It is expected to increase by […]

RSTA starts advocacy program on road safety for civil servants

With traffic congestion and accidents getting to be an issue on the express way from Babisa to town areas, the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) has started to conduct a Road Safety course for civil servants in Thimphu. The course aims to familiarize civil servants with the updated road safety rules and regulations in […]

Laya sees change in toilet habits after the first Royal Highland Festival

Sanitation was a major issue for Layaps and tourists visiting Laya four years back. Now major changes can be seen in the sanitation habits of the highlanders. Now Layaps have shifted to flush toilets and SATO pan from pit toilet. Laya is located 3,800m above sea level. Laya has a population of more than 1,000 […]

Digital TV to reach entire country

TV viewing experience is expected to change forever in the country with the establishment of Multi-Service Operator (MSO), which was inaugurated on November 11 at the ThimphuTechPark. The MSO is called Bhutan NetCom and it will provide host of services in the form of digitalsignal. The move was initiated by all Local Cable Operators (LCOs) […]

Accelerating Innovation in Bhutan

To find innovative ways to help countries come up with radical approaches to address complex and unpredictable development challenges in today’s fast changing world, a workshop as part of UNDP’s initiative in collaboration with the Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) was held in Thimphu. It was aimed at helping UNDP Bhutan develop a roadmap to […]