Nu 850mn proposed for construction of three ministries’ offices

The new MoWHS guidelines will be implemented for the construction of new public offices The government has approved the construction of the offices of three ministries: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the 12th Five Year Plan. The government has formed a task force team to study […]

Financial institutions incur loss of Nu 1.49bn

The financial institutions incurred a loss of Nu. 1.49bn in June 2019. This was mainly due to an increase in Non-Performing Loans (NPL) and subsequent increase in provisions for the bad loans. In June 2019, the total NPL stood at Nu 21.43bn. According to the financial sector performance report June 2019 the financial sector’s total […]

Sakteng goes from pit to pour-flash toilets

Sakteng residents in Trashigang are doing away with the pit toilet built near their house. Saktenng has around 200 households. Though a few villagers are not yet able to build a modern attached toilet due to financial constraints 60% of them have pour-flush toilets and the remaining about 40 % still use pit toilets. The […]

Adopting old civic culture in new urban situations provides strong social support

Changing cultural landscape in the world due to urbanization calls for better efforts to safeguard and adopt old civic cultures of the rural villages in new urban situations, said Founder and President of Loden Foundation,  Dr Karma Phuntsho He made these assertions during the third World Third Forum for Intangible Cultural Heritage held from October […]

Agriculture minister emphasizes on food self-sufficiency in Sakteng

Agriculture and Forests Minister Yeshey Penjor emphasized on the need for the country to become food self-sufficient in the wake of the World Food Programme (WFP) withdrawing their support during the World Food Day, which was observed at the Sakteng Lower School in Tashigang last week. Addressing the gathering, the minister stressed on the importance […]

Gearing for the world’s toughest run

As a trial run for the first international and world’s toughest ultra marathon, Snowman Run that will be held on October 13, next year, seven runners successfully completed the five-day Snowman Calibration Run, 2019 on October 17. The runners covered over 300km taking them to altitudes of 5,320m above sea level from Gasa Dzongkhag to […]