The Bhutanese Polity: In A State of Deep Moral Depravity – Yeshey Dorji

“Bhutan has one MP for 9,000 citizens. The margin between those who serve our country and the population they serve is very narrow. In many countries, elected representatives will never get to know all their people, even if they spend an entire lifetime trying to do so. We have one elected representative for 380 citizens, […]

Facts before flagship

Zhemgang has been removed from the list of dzongkhags under the flagship program in the 12th Five year Plan. Four dzongkhags – Dagana, Gasa, Lhuentse and Zhemgang – were supposed to get Nu 11mn as part of the flagship program but now Zhemgang has been unceremoniously dropped from the list. Who is to blame and […]

Cats come to the rescue of mushroom farmers in Gidakom

Almost all 27 households in Gidakom grow Shitake mushroom It is mushroom season and mushroom farmers are literally making a good use of their cats at Gidakom in Thimphu. By keeping a cat at home, farmers need not have to spend sleepless nights guarding their prized Shitake mushroom from the attacking rodents. Apart from not […]

Pasakha to get 2nd biggest dry port within 12th Plan

Pasakha Industrial Estate will get a second biggest dry port within the 12th plan. The government has earmarked a budget of Nu 1.7bn for the construction of the dry port. Speaking to Business Bhutan, economic affairs minister, Loknath Sharma, said that the need for a dry port is felt as the country’s biggest industrial estate […]

Wholesale and retail trade sector make up 60% of business establishments

Of the 74,000 persons employed in various establishments, 47,000 are male and 26,000 female Wholesale and retail trade sector that comprises more than 60% of total business establishments employs the highest share of people at 24.1%, reveals the first Economic Census of Bhutan, 2018-19. The construction sector follows at 18.5% although it accounts for about […]