Phuentsholing township development project along Amochhu to start next year

The works on the Phuentsholing township development project along the Amochhu will begin from next year. The project will be implemented by the Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL), a subsidiary of Druk Holding and Investments and the main client that will initiate and manage the project. The project will initially start from Zone A where […]

Six-month maternity leave for female employees of all DHI companies

Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) revised parental leave for employees working with DHI and companies associated with DHI beginning from this month. The move is expected to benefit more than 2,000 female employees working under DHI and DHI-Owned Companies, DHI-Controlled Companies, and DHI-Linked Companies. As of December 31, 2017, there were a total of 1,861female […]

Face to Face : From the US to a dairy cooperative in Phobjikha

Sherab Dorji from Phobjikha is currently studying Environmental Science and Economics at Brown University in the United States of America. Sherab Dorji was one of the winners in the Golden Youth Program of 2012 and national  topper in Class X. In May 2017, after receiving the Social Innovation Fellowship from college, Sherab decided to take […]

MRF Tyres and Services franchise launched in Thimphu

Motorists looking for the latest version of MRF tyres and services can now visit MRF Tyres and Services (Chapell Tyres) based on the Babesa expressway (next to Ford showroom) in Thimphu. The MRF Tyres and Services is the latest version of MRF Tyres and Services franchise to be launched in Thimphu on July 17. “It’s […]

Facebook and privacy – Dr Philip Lee Miller

  I have been warning everyone for the last 20 years about privacy issues. Nobody seemed to care much. We had an early warning from Jeffrey Rothfeder, Privacy for Sale: How Computerization Has Made Everyone’s Private Life an Open Secret published in 1992. This was before the Internet was born in its current GUI format. […]

Hydropower: investment at what cost?

Bhutan’s hydropower projects seem to have turned the proverbial white elephant. According to the Royal Monetary Authority’s annual report 2017, the country’s hydropower debt has quadrupled to Nu 123.85bn from Nu 31.45bn in the last six years. A World Bank report released the same year states that Bhutan is at high risk of external debt […]

MoAF and Trashigang claimed the highest TA/DA for FY 2012-13 and 2016-17

  The budget for in-country travel for the year 2012-13 to 2016-17 was Nu.8,130.92mn, which constituted 8.09 % of the country’s current budget. Of the total in-country travel expenditures, the 20 Dzongkhags incurred Nu.3,587.7mn during the period 2012-13 to 2016-17, representing 42.43%, followed by the 10 ministries accounting for 38.49% and 38 autonomous agencies accounting […]

S/Jongkhar residents face dry spell for a week now

With the temperature soaring every day, Samdrup Jongkhar residents are in dire need of water. The residents of upper Samdrup Jongkhar town have been struggling with acute shortage of drinking water for a week now. The water taps and tanks in Samdrup Jongkhar, however, are running dry. The people have run out of whatever they […]