19 get job as parking fee collectors

The recruits comprise those laid-off employees because of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country

The collection of parking fees in Phuentsholing town has once again been put into practice since last month and this is being done under the supervision of the Phuentsholing Thromde Administration.

Currently, there are around 330 parking spaces in the core town, of which around 80 parking spaces are at the truck parking side and 200 parking lots at the Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP). But not all are functioning as the upper side of the MLCP is being used as a flu clinic.

A Thromde official, Ugyen Nidup, said that the collection of parking fees was initiated to engage those laid-off employees due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. “At the moment, there are 19 parking fee collectors who are paid on a monthly basis,” he said.

“They were left without jobs and were unable to make ends meet. And we are helping them by creating job opportunities so that they do not have to live on the Royal Kidu amount,” Ugyen added.

In February, the Thromde collected around Nu 300,000. The daily minimum collection is Nu 400 and the maximum is Nu 1,300.

The charges are Nu 25 for parking up to 30 minutes at the Zangtopelri area, and Nu 50 for parking for more than 30 minutes to one hour. At the MLCP, Nu 20 is charged for parking up to 30 minutes. At the core areas in the town, Nu 20 is charged for parking up to 30 minutes.

The official said that the reason for charging more at the Zangtopelri area is to avoid vehicle congestion in the particular area which creates disturbance to the traffic flow.

The Thromde is giving a monthly salary of Nu 10,000 to each of the 19 recruits, and the printing costs of the ticket and other expenses are met with the revenue collected from the parking lots.

“10% monthly bonus is also provided to the collectors for their services,” Ugyen Nidup said, adding that even hand sanitizers and facemasks are provided to the collectors.

One of the parking fee collectors, Tashi Tshering, said this opportunity by the Thromde has helped his family to meet their expenses.

“Few months ago, I was jobless and the only source of help was from the Kidu. I was not able to find any job but now I am working under the Thromde and this work has come as a huge respite to me,” he said.

Meanwhile, some of the people in the town are complaining about the higher charges for parking their vehicles.

However, the Thromde official said that the parking fee collectors are not authorized and have no right to charge more than the amount which is reflected on the parking fee ticket.

“We know that some people are not happy but as a matter of fact, this small amount directly goes to our exchequer and all of us get benefitted. I would like to urge all the people to be a responsible citizen by paying this small fee when they park their vehicles in the town,” said the official.

Sonam Tashi from Phuentsholing