165 positive cases detected in P/ling since lockdown till May 19

165 positive cases detected in P/ling since lockdown till May 19

Health officials are still collecting samples from those who missed the three-day mass screening

A month since the recent lockdown started in Phuentsholing, Covid-19 positive cases continue to emerge from the community. Phuentsholing alone has detected 165 positive cases as of May 19 and the three-day second mass screening ended earlier this week.

Out of the 165 positive cases in Phuentsholing, 84 were male and 81 female.

Meanwhile, Phuentsholing after the third lockdown went into a controlled reopening on May 5; the controlled reopening came after 18 days of the lockdown. However, due to positive cases emerging from the community, Phuentsholing residents had the second round of mass testing earlier this week.

In the first mass screening more than 8,000 residents were tested, from which a few were positive cases.

During the second mass screening earlier this week, a total of 2,660 samples were taken on the first day and all tested negative.

However, on the second day of the mass screening earlier this week, more than 1,900 samples were taken and out of that three people tested positive. The three people were from different zones – Core 2, Core 4 and Dhamdara. The Core 2 includes hospital, Norgay and Pepsi factory areas. The Core 4 includes Deki Line, Mig Cinema Hall and Dolma Enterprise areas.

The third day of the mass screening had 1,400 samples, out of that one tested positive. The one positive case is a female security guard working in one of the factories in Pasakha.

Meanwhile, health officials are still collecting samples from those who missed the three-day mass screening.

According to sources, more than 5,000 people are yet to go for testing for the second mass screening.

With cases still emerging from the community in Phuentsholing despite the town being under the third lockdown, residents are getting frustrated with the extension of the lockdown.

A Phuentsholing resident, Dorji said despite the strict protocols and the lockdown in Phuentsholing, positive cases are emerging.

“The taskforce and the officials should look into it as most of the people are still not adhering to the Covid-19 protocols,” he said. “I have seen people are not staying inside their respective houses and some are not even using facemask despite the current lockdown.”

Another resident, Nim Zam said given the positive cases in the community despite the lockdown, the movement of individuals within the zones should be stopped as most of the people are misusing the movement card.

“I heard some are using the movement card to visit neighbors which is totally against the protocol,” she said, adding that some are not maintaining social distance while moving outside with the movement card.

She added that staying home for so long has been frustrating as her savings are exhausting and she has nowhere to go.

Meanwhile, as of May 19, one contact and three community positive cases have been reported in Phuentsholing.

Sonam Tashi from Phuentsholing