Yoga services for public to open in Phuentsholing Hospital

Phuentsholing General Hospital will start providing Sorig-Zhiney and Yoga service for the general public from this month. The hospital is currently training health workers to provide the service to the people.

Sorig-Zhiney, is a non-medical services approach for mental, spiritual and physical wellness. It will be provided to the patients and interested general public. With the first batch of trainees completing a week-long training, the services will be available in the hospital soon.

The hospital had been providing these services to the staffs beginning 2019 but not opened it up for the public. The service was offered to t patients based on need. Considering the population of the Throm, Phuentsholing was prioritized to start the services, Drungtsho Chonga Tshering, from the Department of Traditional Medicine Services unit in Phuentsholing General Hospital said.

Currently, the Drungtsho is training six staffs of the hospital.

The treatment services focus on training mind which is essential in controlling rest of the body. A trained mind can control the body on the use of harmful substances which can affect the health of the person. Practicing mindfulness, which is a sort of meditation has become a prominent form of treatment now and the practice is expected to avoid unnecessary dependence on pills and tablets which comes with side effects. “People take medicine hoping to cure the illness without realizing their negative impacts. So, treatment through mindfulness and other exercises are considered better,” said Drungtsho Chonga Tshering. It also saves on government expenditure on medicines.

Meanwhile, yoga will be taught separately to the patients and the general public owing to the severity of illnesses in the hospital. The hospital plans to train supporting staffs to create awareness and sensitization based on their conveniences.

There are more than 28 exercises which will prevent and cure diseases. The exercises will be taught by professionals based on need. “We are focusing on mental exercises and mind training,” said Drungtsho Chonga Tshering.     

So far, up to 15 patients were provided Sorig Zhiney and Yoga service in Phuentsholing Hospital every month. The treatment was initiated in April 2018.                    

Krishna Ghalley from Thimphu