Woman acquitted of statutory rape

A 27-year-old woman who was charged for voluntary manslaughter and statutory rape in 2018 has been acquitted by the court after the lawyer of the defendant proved to the court that the victim was not a minor when they were had sex. The victim had already turned 18 years old.

The convict who was then slapped a prison term of nine years for the rape of a minor and two years for abandoning the child has acquitted the defendant from serving nine years of imprisonment. While she was sentenced two years for abandoning her baby of which she has already served eighteen months of the prison term.

Due to her clean past record the remaining six months of her prison term was forgiven by the high court. However, the Office of Attorney General (OAG) did not appeal further and the case was closed.   

The newborn was found dead in Phuentsholing town back in 2018. Upon investigation it was revealed that the defendant working in one of the schools in Haa had given birth to a live baby in one of the hotel rooms which was later was thrown out from the hotel window.

Police during the night patrolling had found the baby around 2am. Initially the woman denied giving birth but when she was taken to hospital for the medical check-up, she confessed giving birth but claimed that the baby was born dead.

Along with her, two men were also arrested-the principal while the other was a teacher of the same school where the woman was working.

Later the police traced the father of the baby who happened to be a student. She was charged for statutory rape because the boy was supposedly a minor then when they had sexual intercourse.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu