Windstorm destroys maize and properties in Galing

Maize plantations of around 150 households were damaged by the windstorm

The windstorm around 3 pm on July 14 destroyed maize cultivation and properties belonging to the villagers of Galing chiwog in Shongpu gewog, Trashigang.

The villagers say this is the second windstorm that occurred in the village after their maize plantation.

With the maize plantation for the year completed and seeing their crops damaged, villagers are worried. They say the windstorm has affected maize plantations and it is not possible to plant again. The villagers added that maize production was good last year.

In Galing, the roofs of some houses were also damaged by the windstorm apart from a few houses getting damaged.

According to the Tshogpa of Galing Gewog, Sonam Tobgay, the windstorm destroyed maize plantations, and some roofs of the houses were blown off.

“The information was immediately shared with the gewog office after the villagers informed me about the situation,” he said, adding that maize plantations of around 150 households were damaged by the windstorm.

“We visited the village and some roofs of the houses were damaged. The insurance team looked into it,” Sonam Tobgay said.

“As the windstorm has hampered maize plantations this year, the villagers look worried. The gewog office is looking for possible solutions to help the villagers,” the Tshogpa said, adding that around 60 acres of maize plantations were damaged by the thunderstorm.

Talking to a resident of the village, Phuntsho Norbu said he planted maize in around two acres and almost all of the maize has been damaged by the windstorm.

He said the maize plantation work cost him around Nu 20,000. “It is a big loss for people like us,” he said, adding that the windstorm occurred for the second time in the village.

Another villager, Dechen said around 20% of her maize plantation was damaged by the first windstorm.

“Almost all of my maize plantation is spoiled by the second windstorm,” she said, adding that villagers were hoping for a good production this year.

Another villager said, “I lost my entire maize plantation and I am in dilemma.”

Another villager, Phuntsho said, “While there were no injuries to the villagers, the maize production for the year is affected as there are only a few maize plants left standing.”

Meanwhile, the villagers of Galing are presently seeking help from the gewog office.

Sonam Tashi from Trashigang