Windstorm destroys maize and properties in Galing

Maize plantations of around 150 households were damaged by the windstorm The windstorm around 3 pm on July 14 destroyed maize cultivation and properties belonging to the villagers of Galing chiwog in Shongpu gewog, Trashigang. The villagers say this is the second windstorm that occurred in the village after their maize plantation. With the maize […]

Global temperature to temporarily reach above normal in one of next five years

Chances of global temperature temporarily getting closer to the 1.5 C threshold in the next five years have been predicted There are chances of 50:50 that the annual average global temperature temporarily reaches 1.5 C (Celsius), which is above the pre-industrial level, at least in one of the next five years. This is according to […]

Gold price jumps to all-time high of Nu 52,490

It has increased by Nu 3,041 compared to last week The price of 10g of gold is Nu 52,490 today, which is an increase of Nu 3,041 compared to the price last week. The prices are as per the figures of the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA). The price of 10g of gold was Nu 49,448 […]