Why is it that honest people suffer? – A Parthasarathy


The general grievance everywhere is that the innocent suffer at the hands of the vicious. That the honest are deceived and harassed while the dishonest exploit and prosper. The innocent are frustrated not knowing the reason for this paradox in life. The reason becomes obvious with a study of the inner personality of humans.

A careful analysis would reveal that the nature of human beings falls under two broad classifications. The aggressive and the passive. Each of these can further be classified as good and bad. Thus there are the aggressive good and aggressive bad persons. Likewise, the passive good and passive bad.

The terms aggressive and passive herein have a particular connotation depending on the use or non use of the intellect. The mind and intellect are the two equipments that propel human activity. The physical body cannot act on its own. Actions proceed either from the mind or the intellect. A person would be classified as passive when he acts from feeling and emotion of the mind without the guidance of the intellect. And, the one who acts with his intellect governing the mind through reason and judgment would be classified as aggressive.

A passive person functioning from his mindโ€™s feeling and emotion may be good or bad. He conducts himself either way, unaware of his goodness or badness. He merely manifests his good or bad impulses. His intellect is not sufficiently developed to examine the nature of his activities. He does not intend to be either good or bad. Thus there are passively good and passively bad persons.

In contrast to the passive, the aggressive function with the intellect. The aggressive also may be categorised as good or bad. An aggressively bad person is wilfully vicious, catering to his personal interests. He plans and schemes, manipulates and manoeuvres in his immoral, corrupt way of living. He breaks customs and traditions, rules and regulations, to feed his egocentric desires. The use of the intellect makes him more powerful to dominate over the passive good and bad.

Since the passive do not use the intellect and function directly from the mind, they succumb to the oppression of the aggressive bad. As opposed to the aggressive bad, the aggressive good is essentially benevolent. He uses his intellect to evaluate his role in life and act in the best interest of the community at large. He is charitably disposed, service oriented.

Study these four classifications of human nature. You will find that the honest suffer because of lack of use of the intellect. Operating at the level of the mind, the passive become victims of intellectual manipulations of the aggressive bad. The solution to this problem lies in the passive developing and using their intellect to turn into aggressive good persons. The aggressive bad dread the aggressive good. Aggressive goodness would therefore take care of all evil and corruption in the world. Not knowing this solution there is no attempt to develop, strengthen the intellect and promote aggressive goodness. Instead, people lead a passive life, complain of malpractices and suffer at the hands of the oppressors.

(Adapted from โ€˜Governing Business and Relationshipsโ€™ by A Parthasarathy [Courtesy โ€“ToI])