Violence against women: deal with the root

We donโ€™t know what we have become as human beings.

We donโ€™t know what we have become as a society.

We have absolutely nil idea where we are headed.

If the recent incidences of child rape and murders are to be taken into account.

What in the world is happening? While the brutality surrounding these two cases of child rape and murder is shocking to say the least, why is this happening in the country, which is proudly touted as the GNH-land and perhaps a safe haven for everybody? Why are cases of molestation, sexual abuse and incest increasing? What indeed is the problem?

People have been quick to respond with sympathy and outrage. Social media has gone almost haywire with condemnation and condolences, but are we looking at the root of the problem here?

Why are men turning murderers? Or for that matter, beasts? Maybe we need to address the deeper underlying issues of the matter. Are these men sick in the head? Or are they just depraved psychopaths on the lookout for prey?

What creates such people? Is it a traumatic childhood? Is it maladjustment to society and times? Psychiatric illness? Drugs? Alcohol abuse? Injustice that might have been meted out to them at some point of time? Hidden anger and sexual frustration? What is the psychology behind a murderer?

Even as we whip these culprits on social media, we donโ€™t know whether they are hiding, walking among us or targeting another innocent. We donโ€™t know when the next bombshell will bombard us.

As we grapple with socio-economic changes in the society brought about by development and modernization as well as the advent of information technology and internet, maybe it would be a good idea to ask ourselves whether in addition to making stricter laws to deal with such crimes, we should address the root of the problem too.

Maybe, too much time watching soaps and series sensationalizing sex crimes or the very act on media openly including TV and net could be one of the causes? What about the free availability of porn? Research has shown that people get addicted to porn and they try to act out their fantasies in real life. Maybe when sexual and other banal desires are repressed to an extent one cannot endure, it unleashes in the form of the most horrendous crimes. And yes, the victims are often the most vulnerable-children.

Maybe we need to teach our children how to respect others from a young age, especially boys about the ill effects of eve teasing and sexual harassment. Maybe the father can show his son how to respect women by respecting his wife. Maybe lewd jokes and vulgarity regarding women should be censored from the common jokes doing the rounds. They might seem like jokes at the moment but you never know what kind of message you are sending out to impressionable youth who will one day become adults.

You can be politically correct for a reason: you are at least not encouraging a section of men who feel that girls and women are sex objects to be teased and mishandled. Respect and caregiving starts young and starts now. Teach boys and men to be human beings not wolves in the guise of human beings.