Engaging school children in physical activities with Edu-Pokemon

Engaging school children in physical activities with Edu-Pokemon

The World Food Programme (WFP) is in the process of developing a game-based learning platform for nutrition education and behaviour change, Edu-Pokemon that would help kids to burn calories while they learn about nutrition and health.

It is a part of the Healthy Kid School Programme (HKSP) and an app, Edu-Pokemon would feature similar to game Pokemon Go.

However, it is an outdoor, location-based, social game, scavenger hunt-based and addictive although users here must find clues and solve questions instead of catching Pokemons.

It would make learning more interesting and interacting for children rather than sitting and listening to lectures, said WFP’s Program Officer, Kencho Wangmo.

The game could be played with teams of four to five students provided with each team provided smart phones or tablets in primary schools.

Moreover, the teams would get clues of educative tasks and questions on nutrition and health, and clues are global positioning system defined using Google map that would only appear for the students once they have been found by the teams.

The teams will play in the schoolyard or nearby green areas to explore and find clues. The more the kids move, the more they learn and the more points they earn.

Teams get points as they learn and respond correctly to tasks and they compete with each other.

This activity, run for meal would be integrated with social media with an app community on Wechat or Facebook and show the top ten teams and schools.

The more points they earn, the higher the rank on app community and schools can compete with each other.

Top performers can become their schools’ ‘little doctors”, who help their peers to improve hygiene and dietary practises.

Schools can join by applying online to participate in the HKSP, consisting of the outdoor scavenger hunt and a teacher-led classroom experience that leverages easy-to-use technology and nutrition and health education curriculum in accordance with the national education plan.

Thukten Zangpo from Thimphu