Two major water projects in Phuentsholing to be complete by 2022 end

Two major water projects in Phuentsholing to be complete by 2022 end

Nu 270mn have been earmarked for three water projects in Phuentsholing

Shortage of drinking water in Phuentsholing Thromde would be resolved permanently by the end of 2022 with the completion of two major water projects, which was launched under the water flagship program in February this year.

There are three different projects earmarked for Phuentsholing town under the flagship program, which are Omchhu, Barsachhu and Amochhu water treatment plants, with the first two projects expected to complete by the end of next year.

The Omchhu and the Barsachhu treatment plants will cost the government Nu 50mn each to construct and it will supply 1mn and 3mn liters of Water per Day (MLD) respectively, while the Amochhu treatment plant will be constructed at the cost of Nu 170mn and will have a capacity of supplying 8mn liters of water a day.

Once all the three projects are completed, Phuntsholing is expected to add a total of 13 MLD to the existing seven MLD, covering all the 11 local area plans.

The Omchhu treatment plant will cater to the Kabreytar area and provide new connections to Khareyphu, Rinchending and Allay in Pasakha.

Currently, the Thromde supplies 16mn liters of water to the residents of Phuentsholing for five to six hours daily.

Thrompon Uttar Kumar Rai said these projects are part of the Thromde’s water master plan.

“It will bring an end to the water crises that prevails in the township today,” he said, confirming that the Omchhu plant will be completed by February next year, while the Barsachhu plant package A and B will be realized by April and August.

As of now, the Omchhu plant is almost 60% complete and Barsachhu plant has achieved 10% physical work progress, but the Amochhu plant has not yet started due to the change in technical design, which is still with the Ministry of Work and Human Settlements.

Further, he mentioned that after the completion of these three projects, there will be an estimated 12mn liters of water production per day in addition to the current 13MLD.

“Despite the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns, we were able to start the construction of the first two plants,” the Thrompon said, worried the third and the biggest project, the Amochhu plant, is still at a planning stage.

Sonam Tashi from Phuentsholing