<strong>Tsirang NC candidates pledges to be voice of people</strong>

Tsirang NC candidates pledges to be voice of people

All the six National Council candidates of Tsirang have concern for their Demkhong and for the nation as a whole. The candidates pledge to address social issues indispensable to every citizen and strengthen and review making convenient and supportive for the people being their voice. 

The candidates prioritize reviewing the education policy, address human-wildlife conflict, unemployment and youth-related issues. 

During the campaign they promised to improve agricultural production, accelerate economic development, and support disabled people and senior citizens.   

Nima Wangdi, 42, from Damphu town pledged to strengthen the existing policies of agriculture and livestock, initiating agro-festival.  For a healthy lifestyle, he wants to promote games, and sports activities by initiating sport-festival. 

The candidate pledged to review policies to promote and uplift the health and education sectors, amend policies supporting women and senior citizens, create opportunities for youth employment, and review other related policies. 

Gopal Thapa, 56 from Gosarling gewog said he will be the voice of underprivileged and underrepresented, voicing pressing issues of low and middle income group in the Parliament.  

Acting as a bridge between the two Houses, the candidate pledged to play an active role in reviewing laws and policies, a voice for the underprivileged and the underrepresented sections, and addressing issues to the outflow of manpower to foreign countries.

He also pledged to actively participate in the various issues and provide meaningful solutions, review the Land Act for wetlands and Chimsa, address issues concerning education quality, and discontinuation of the arts stream.

Wanting to serve from a different platform, Narapati Nepal, 55 from Semjong gewog pledged to support the government in urgent solutions to people’s issues on marketing and export of agricultural produce. 

Bringing needed reforms and changes, he wants to support the government on pertinent issues of wider importance on the economic front and enhance service delivery. 

“If elected, I will act as a strong bridge between the government and people, and discuss issues with relevant stakeholders,” Narapati Nepal said. 

Yangkhu Tshering Sherpa, 53, from Patshaling gewog pledged to review legislation and support for agriculture and education development. 

He pledged to establish cold storage facilities in Tsirang, to maintain the price level of the vegetable products as the dzongkhag produces the largest share of vegetables in the country. “Agriculture policy review and reform are necessary for the conducive farming and the facility is required for balanced regional development,” he said. 

Sarvajit Rai, 43, from Sergithang gewog pledged to create conducive and inclusive social welfare, review and amend policies and guidelines to overcome challenges. 

He would emphasize to ensure transparency and accountability by facilitating access to services and assistance. “I will also ensure to accelerate economic development affected by the pandemic and improve public service delivery,” Sarvajit said.

Ragu Nath Nepal, 39, from Mendrelgang gewog did not respond to Business Bhutan. He pledged to address youth-related issues and unemployment, improve agriculture production, and review the policy for senior citizens during the public debate. 

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu