<strong>Five candidates to contest for Punakha NC election </strong>   

Five candidates to contest for Punakha NC election    

Namgay Dorji is a 41-year-old National Council (NC) candidate from Talo gewog with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and a Master in Mass Communication and Media Management.

A former teacher, ICT officer, manager, and administrator at a private company adopted the slogan “people first, policy second.”

“If I am elected, I will serve the people of Bhutan by advocating for policies and programs that benefit marginalized segments of society,” Namgay said, adding that reforms and changes are needed to ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to live a healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling life and promote Bhutan’s long-term development. 

He also pledged to work diligently towards fulfilling the vision of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and support the reforms, to prioritize promoting women’s empowerment, social cohesion and  national unity.  He believes that by working together, they can build a better future for the people of Bhutan. 

Dophu Drukpa, 54, is contesting for the NC from Toebisa gewog and has a Bachelor’s and master’s degree in agriculture economics. He has worked for the Ministry of Agriculture for over a decade.

He was a former agriculture Economist and Researcher with Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Prevention Officer with Anti-Corruption Commission, MP of Kabji Talo Constituency, Marketing and Value Chain expert with Food Security and Agriculture Productivity Project (FSAPP), and Dessup at Kuzoo Kitchen during pandemic. 

He would like to seek feedback from the public before passing any government Bills and wants to create awareness among people if any new laws or policies are enacted and implemented.

Dophu Drakpa pledged to improve the marketing. For example, he said that Punakha is rich in producing chilies and rice, but due to lack of marketing, they have to travel all the way from Punakha to the capital. By the time the products reach thimphu, all the products are adulterated.  Thus, he wants to improve the marketing with proper branding. 

The candidate witnessed that when people visits Thimphu for official purposes, some are unaware of offices in the city.  Therefore, he wanted to provide personal service to those in need.

Lhaki Dolma, 39 from Dzomesa, is re-contesting for the NC seat. She has a post-graduate diploma in development management from the Royal Institute of Management and a Bachelor’s degree in arts in language and cultural studies from the College of Language and Cultural Studies. 

She had worked as an executive member of the Motion Picture Association of Bhutan and as a Human Resource Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

According to an incumbent member, being a member of parliament is a sacred responsibility. She said  it is important for the public to vote for someone trustworthy to shoulder the responsibility.

She said that she will be a voice of people if chosen with trust and faith in her. “Keeping gratitude in my heart, I will do even better as ‘Your Representative, Your voice, Your trust,’” she pledged. 

Lhaki said that if she is elected, she would like to rebuild trust, faith, and pride in the nation by supporting progressive laws and policies.

Chencho Wangdi is another nominated candidate for Punakha from Chhubu Gewog, with 21 years of working experience in different public services. He worked as a program manager, human resources officer, assistant principal, and teacher.

Chencho Wangdi wanted to “serve Tsa Wa Sum today, for a better tomorrow.” Some of his pledges include providing safeguards for the sacredness of the Constitution,  placing greater priority on national security and sovereignty. 

He also wanted to provide legislative and policy proposals to ensure the long-term survival of the Buddha, Dharma and cultural heritage. 

One of his pledges includes reviewing and facilitating the civil servant reform and education system transformation and reviewing the 13th Five-Year Plan to ensure that Punakha Dzongkhag is allocated a fair share of the national resources.

Dorji Tenzin from Shenga–Bjimi Gewog is another nominated NC candidate for Punakha. He holds a Bachelor degree of arts in language and culture from the College of Language and Culture Studies, Semtokha. 

Dorji Tenzin wanted to initiate or review the laws in accordance with change, development, and the economic situation if he is elected.

His pledges include reporting plans for the Five-Year Plan to the Central Government and the Parliament by consulting with local government and the people, focusing on ICT development measures, and supporting laws and policies that promote national identities, among others.

Nidup Lhamo from Thimphu