Trashiyangtse has five aspirants for the NC

Trashiyangtse has five aspirants for the NC

Like most members, the five aspiring candidates for the National Council (NC) from Trashiyangtse, in their debate, pledged to review laws and policies and to amend existing laws and enact new ones based on the needs of the people. 

Incumbent member, Karma Gyeltshen who has a Bachelors degree from Paro College of Education said that his pledges include reviewing the policies and  legislations including limitation law, civil liability law, mines and minerals law, impeachment of procedure law and forest and nature conservation bill 2021, amongst others.

Karma Gyeltshen said that he pledges to consider, pass, amend or reject any legislation passed by NC in accordance with the provisions of the act. “To the greatest extent possible I pledge to call attention of ministers to any public importance, question the government about policy, action or personal conduct and request the government to examine the necessity of any law, decision or policy,” said Karma Gyeltshen.

The incumbent who has over 9 years of working experience in teaching and 5 years as a member of parliament (MP) in NC saidthat his experience in the house of review for past five years is one such reason to be NC aspirant.

“One needs experience to serve the nation for the better future to provide progressive service delivery in nation building which I have gained lots of experience as MP,” said the incumbent.

Similarly, 38 years old Sonam Tenzin, former general manager of Bhutan Industrial gas from Khamdang gewog in Trashiyangtse has about 13 years of working experience. He is contesting as an aspirant candidate of NC for the third time and he has a bachelor’s degree in computer application from Madras University in India.

Sonam Tenzin pledges to serve with loyalty and dedication and to be responsive to the people. He said that as NC is a house of review of public policy, he will promote equal fulfilment of the need of people through policies and programmes.

“As a legislative body, I pledge to initiate and amend existing law in accordance with the constitution of Bhutan,” Sonam Tenzin said.

Another aspirant, Ngawang Tashi, 40 years old from Tongmijangsa who has about 13 years of working experience as a former gewog administration officer and a businessman pledged to accomplish the sacred responsibility of NC to uphold the security and sovereignty of the country. He has Bachelor of Arts (general) from North Bengal University in India.

Ngawang Tashi also pledged to serve as a bridge between the government and the local government and to submit pertinent issues confronted by the people of Trashiyangtse and to facilitate timely completion of the developmental activities peritonised in the five-year-plan for the dzongkhag.

Ngawang said that he will lead by an example during the transformation in delivery of services and he pledged to resolve social issues, deliver the noble vision of Gross National Happiness (GNH) with humility in the best possible way, guided by the overall objectives and functions of the NC. 

Kiba Wangchuk, 44, from Jamkhar gewog in Trashiyangtse has a bachelor of technology in civil engineering from Maharishi Markandeshwar University in India. He served as a Trashigang district engineer before joining as an aspirant candidate for NC.

Kiba pledged to review regional balanced development policies, review import and export policy, review Bhutan civil service act and regulations to build robust civil service structure, amongst others.

Other pledges were developing rural development policy, developing policy for rope way based on local government’s needs and circumstance, developing uniform standard bidding documents.

With the slogan ‘transformed Bhutan is within your reach as your vote and voice matter,’ Kiba Wangchuk pledges to introduce a new strategy for the distribution of budget to execute planned activities.

61 year old, Sonam Tshering from Yangtse gewog has a bachelor of science from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He resigned as Lt. Colonel from royal Bhutan police (RBP) and has about 28 years of work experiencebefore joining as an aspirant candidate from Trashiyangtse.

Sonam Tshering pledges to review tourism policies for designation of Trashiyangtse as tourism destination and to review agricultural and industrial laws for construction of cold storage in the dzongkhag.

While Sonam Tshering also pledged the amendment of laws for provision of motorable road to places where there are no roads and the amendment of criminal justice system for better justice to the people.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu