Safeguarding the Constitution top on list of NC aspirants from Samdrup Jongkhar

Safeguarding the Constitution top on list of NC aspirants from Samdrup Jongkhar

Samdrup Jongkhar dzongkhag, has six aspiring candidates for the upcoming National Council (NC) elections. During the debate, a common pledge was to safeguard the Constitution and uphold the Royal vision.

59-year-old, Karma Tshering Wangchuk from Deothang-Samdrup Gatshel, pledged to protect and safe guard the independence and security interests of the country and to support the government.

Other pledges were to review policies to create employment opportunities for the youth with conducive environment to retain them from leaving the country.  The candidate pledged to review tourism policies, sustainable development fee (SDF) fees and tariff rates in consultation with all the stakeholders. To address human wildlife conflicts, generate more production and help market their products and review policies for creating food securities for the country are also his pledges.

The candidate wants to review policies to build dzongs in the southern dzongkhags beside to review banking interests to safeguard the businesses as well lenders to create mutually beneficial environment for both borrowers and lenders to encourage private sector development activities and  protect the vulnerable sections of the population by creating knowledge based society.

Karma Tshering Wangchuk has a masters degree in Public Policy with specialization in International Relations, USA and worked in the Royal Privy Council office as chief program officer until 2022.

Ran Bahadur Biswa, 49, from Langchenphu gewog, pledged to fulfill the aspirations of the people through the review and consolidation of public policies and relevant provisions of the existing laws.

The candidate want to propose new laws in consultation with the public to enhance the socio-economic development and provide constructive suggestions to the government on matters of national importance.

“I want to strengthen our National Identity and ensure development benefits every Bhutanese,” he said.

“My reason for participating in the National Council election is that although I had been serving the nation with full dedication, I further would like to serve the nation with greater responsibility representing the people in the National Council. As a bridge between the government and the people, I would like to serve the people and the country,” he added.

Ran Bahadur Biswa, has B.Tech in Civil engineering with work experience of 19 years in civil service. He worked in different districts as engineer. 

Tempa Gyeltshen, 39, from Lauri gewog wants to prioritise economic prosperity for rural communities and youth. The candidate pledged to review tourism policy to promote balanced regional development.

He has bachelor degree in Dzongkha and English from Sherubtse college and served as gup from 2016-2021.

A candidate from Pemathang gewog, Tshering Choeda, 46, will embark on sustainable institution of vibrant democracy as per the Constitution. Beside as a House of review he said he shall ensure to protect the national interest all the time, he said, “I will ensure independent discharge of legislative duties effectively and efficiently.”

Tshewang Rinchen, 37, will strive to fulfill the legislative and policy review mandates to ensure legislations are inclusive and of national importance.

The candidate want to review the performance of the government, national and constituency level issues and providing constructive recommendations.

Undertaking the roles and responsibilities of NC meticulously, he said, he will review 13th Five Year Plan and ensure Samdrup Jongkhar is allocated with fair share of resources.

Tshewang Rinchen has Master in Business Administration International, Edith Cowan University, Australia and worked in Ministry of Education and Skill Development.

Tshering Norbu from Martshala gewog promises to safeguard the national interest of the country and fulfil the aspirations of the citizens by harmonizing policies, rules and regulations, and other irrelevant laws.

The candidate wants to proactively participate in the deliberations of the issues and concerns raised by the electorates and ensure to resolve it amicably for the greater benefits and interest of the nation and its people.

If elected, Tshering Norbu said, “I will caution the government if the plan and polices are deemed inconsistent with the provisions of the law, and if it is at their personnel interest and benefits.” He will assist and guide Local Government functionaries when preparing Gewog’s 5 Year plans that are sustainable, doable and can generate income which would enhance standard of living.

He said he will consult with the people and gather information on significant matters, challenges, constraints, etc. that are being faced to make them practically applicable to everyone.

Tshering Norbu has Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and served for more than 18 years in agriculture sector.

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu