Trashigang flood restoration work to begin soon

Following the flash flood of July 22 last year, effects of the flash flood in Trashigang remain.

While the metal rods on either side of the flood protection wall remain exposed and pieces of railing hang carelessly, residents say that the restoration work requires priority as it poses risks.

The children’s park that was covered in muck from the flood remains covered in dust today. And equipment parts have found their place inside the drainage.

The park, however, still receives visitors as children come to ride the broken slides almost everyday.

Since, it is the only recreational facility in town, children insist on playing here.

Sonam Wangmo, a resident of Trashigang said that children’s park in Trashigang is a risky place for children. “If parents are not careful, a major accident could occur.”

“There is no protection along the river-embankment and we fear that someday someone would fall into the river,” she added.

The park was constructed in 2017, using some 50% of the nine decimal land alongside the flood protection wall.

Another resident, Samten said that since the area is located in the center of the town, it should be given priority. “When problems are not addressed, it is a big concern for everyone’s safety.”

The Dzongkhag administration following the flash flood mobilized men and machines to carry out immediate restoration of the affected areas. The work included clearing of debris and restoration of the drinking water supply in the town.

The clearing of muck, which was expected to take about two months, was completed in about a month’s time at Nu. 1.35mn.

Dzongkhag engineer, Lekjay, said that the flood restoration works will be carried out immediately as all the works have been awarded and the dzongkhag is in the process of signing the contract agreement.

He said that tender works are completed and the budget allocated.

Dzongkhag engineer said that for the flood restoration work, the dzongkhag had received maximum budget in 2019-20 fiscal year.

Lekjay said that the 396m reinforced cement concrete wall did not suffer major damage except for the railings and footpath on either side of the wall.

Maintenance and improvement of railings and footpaths, improvement of catchment area above the vegetable market and construction of additional walls are included in the immediate measure of the flood restoration work.

Meanwhile, the flash flood also washed away a wooden cantilever bridge near the archery range. Another cantilever bridge near the municipal office suffered major damage but the engineer said that works on these structures would be carried out once the immediate restoration activities are completed.

Jigme Wangchen from Tashigang