Trashigang flood forces vendors to vacate vegetable market

The flash flood from Rangshikhar in Trashigang on the evening of July 22 has forced vegetable vendors to vacate the vegetable market.

The ground floor of the vegetable market was completely covered in muck during the flood, leading the vegetable venders to discontinue their business in the market.

Under the searing heat and the dusty street, the vendors struggle to continue their business, while some vendors try their best to maintain the freshness of the vegetables along the footpaths of the town and the manidungkhor area which are lined with colorful vegetables and the season’s fresh produce.

Choki, a vegetable vendor said that since the flood, they had to shift from the vegetable market to the footpaths. “With the heat, it is very difficult for me to continue business but as I have to look after my family I have no other choice.”

Another vegetable vendor, Sonam Dorji said that with the temperature soaring every day, it is difficult to maintain the freshness of the vegetables along the footpaths.

Sonam Dorji added that though selling of vegetables along the footpath is illegal, the dzongkhag authority and municipal office has allowed them to continue their business for now.

“I am thankful to the authorities for allowing us to continue our business and I hope the authorities would clear the vegetable market soon, so that we don’t have to struggle along the footpaths.”

Meanwhile, cabbies and business people in Trashigang said that the vegetable vendors along the footpaths and in the heart of the town are hampering their business. “With the vegetable vendors along the footpaths, the areas in front of the shops remain occupied by the crowds; we have lost several customers who failed to get a parking space,” said a shopkeeper, Tshering.

Similarly, Tashi a taxi driver also complained that the authorities concerned should clear the vegetable market soon so that it will benefit the vegetable vendors as well as the business community in the town.

However, Pema Dechen, a municipal engineer said that the works to clear the vegetable market is in progress.

She said that as the ground floor of the vegetable market has been completely covered in muck, it is taking time. “But we are trying our best to clear it first.”

“We will try to clear the vegetable market as soon as possible and shift the vegetable vendors back to the sheds,” said the municipal engineer.

Jigme Wangchen from Trashigang